Top 5 Reasons Why I am not on Facebook/Twitter/Hi5/MySpace/Other Social Networking Sites ....

1.) My BFF registered in all these sites and didn't bother to inform me ! Hence as a mark of protest ....
2.) Groucho 2.0 Rule :- "I refuse to participate in any social networking service that seeks to capitalize on my membership."
3.) I am seriously sick of orkut these days and find that there is nothing new/attractive in it. Am seriously thinking of delinking from orkut.
4.) Facebook games are just too childish .. those farms and goats ... eeeeissssh .. Just too naive ... (Pattikaatan mathiri irruku).
5.) Too many login-id's to remember ... !!!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 by Hari
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  1. "those farms and goats ... eeeeissssh .. Just too naive ... (Pattikaatan mathiri irruku)." - seriously man!!

  2. What ya doin...!! twitter...whats wrong with that... come up with some other statement for that too....

    and FYI Facebook is not just mafiawars and farmville. It is much more buddy

  3. Ah !! Vivek,... thanks for your response.. Now I've got the matter for my next post.. My next post will be a reply to this question ...

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