Transition - Review - A novella by Meghana Joshi

What a Book !!! Man, If only this was a podcast, you would realise, how my hands are trembling to write this review. I am having goosebumps and my throat is beginning to dry up ..

First of all.. Meghana Joshi Rocks in Transition.

Trust me !!! I usually read books in one sitting. It took me just two days - Yesterday evening at home and today at work to finish this 130-odd page book. And take my word for it. It's like nothing like what I thought it will be.
It was like a slap across my face for judging a book by its cover, and its probably only the second time in 15 odd years that has happened. (First time it happened for Fountainhead)

Well the story is simple. It like a journal roll, albeit slightly longer. And trust me, don't underestimate this lady. She weaves a wonderful tale.

The point from where I began to take notice was this statement from her :-

"There are three types of arranged marriages.
Imperative, Preventive and Compulsive."

And after this I was completely hooked !!!

The 'Penn Paarkum Padalam' or the 'Bride Seeing Ritual' -- Hilarious.. I fell off the chair laughing at this one !! Being a South Indian Brahmin from an Orthodox family, I could easily relate to the scene and was soon a part of it.

The line in the next chapter which touched me was this one :-

"“Mrs. Medha Rajiv”, I said to myself, aloud. My husband looked
at me and smiled."

What a line !! In my opinion, this kind of sums up the whole essence of marriage for a girl. I would have written two full pages on it, but Meghana summed it all up in these lines.

Another Gem :-

"Happiness is overrated. It is defined by what you have, what can’t
have, and how much is enough for you."

The Valentine's Day Letter stood out. It was poetry to me. And it reminded me of 'Vaseegara' from Minnale.

There is definitely a lot more I can write, but then I guess I will have to quote her verbatim on this blog !! :)

IMO, one of the more promising writers. Her language is good. But sometimes at times it does sound cliche'd. I don't complain. The subject is something like that. You cannot 'invent' enthusiasm on a topic that's prevailed for decades.

My favorite Chapters/Portions in the book were namely ..

Arranged Marriage - The Bride Seeing Ritual
Valentine's Day - The Letter
Who is She - The confrontation
Modernists and Saree - The whole chapter .. :)
Meeting Pooh Bear - Very Cute !!!
and Dil Se - The whole chapter actually, but It is all summed up here in this one quote !!!

"For one moment I took all the blame on me, truly, dil-se, straight from my heart, not just to salvage a relation. I promised myself that I will never ever hurt him.. Never ever ask him to go away from my life. Not even for fun. Because those Gods up there don’t think twice before granting your wish. I needed him. Needed him to live, to love and to survive. Not just as a husband.. But much more than that.."

All said and done !! I wonder who is the publisher ?
I guess it is her own publication, But why would somebody take so much risk on doing it all by herself ??

Well, The Book is good.. I liked the content.. Why not do it big ? And Surprisingly No WIKI page !!
(I am willing to do the Wiki Page though.. :P :) Of course for a fee... :)
Even though She damaged the IT Industry 'n' number of times... I am a Software Engineer .. BTW .. :( )

And one more thing I felt was that chapters were slighly, you know, out of sync, with each other. Maybe it was intended that way.. It did read good. But only a blogger will be able to relate to such posts easily. (Strictly My Opinion..)

Anyway, I am no way qualified to comment on that..

But this is one book that I've enjoyed reading a lot.. And as they say (though it may sound cliche'd) I wished the book would never end.. !!!
I would like to see her works on a more serious scale. Maybe Indian Lifestyle ??
She would do good.

Way to Go Meghana.. You Rock .. !!!!

P.S:- And No !!! Meghana Joshi is not paying me for writing this review !!!! It's a fact that I don't like mediocre work and openly express my displeasure. But if the work is good, I praise it sky-high, even if it is that of my rival. !!!

Monday, October 19, 2009 by Hari
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  1. "You cannot 'invent' enthusiasm on a topic that's prevailed for decades." - very true.

    "It's a fact that I don't like mediocre work and openly express my displeasure. But if the work is good, I praise it sky-high, even if it is that of my rival."

    - dude, you rock!

    When are you doing the wiki page?

  2. I am ready even now.. But will Meghana Joshi Pay ??? :) :D Just kidding.. I will do it for free... if there is a request from her... will be Absolutely delighted !!!!!!

    Thanks for the comments buddy... !!!!

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