Wake Up Sid !!! Refreshing ... Finally a Change...

Just logged in after watching Wake Up Sid @ the newly renovated City Cinema.
They have hiked their charges... :( anyway... Here is the story line...

As we infer from the trailer and as well as the Title...

The story is about a rich spoilt brat (Sidharth Mehra) who is the son of a rich and famous industrialist. Sid is expected to follow his footsteps, and take over his father's Shower Business... "Hamne India ko Shan se nahaana sikhaya hai.. "

Sid (since he is a spoilt brat), does poorly at the exams. On the last day of their college life, Sid meets Aisha, a girl from Calcutta, who's come to Mumbai for the first time. Sid slowly begins to mingle more with Aisha. One day the results come and there is a fall out between Sid and his father. Sid decides to move into Aisha's apartment.

Aisha gets Sid a job with Mumbai Beat, where she is the assistant of the Editor, who she feels, is hot and sexy and her type. Period.
Sid, begins to perform, and soon the day comes, when he gets a job and his paycheck. He goes straight to his father and there is the typical Bollywood ishtyle reunion.

What happens after that ? Do Sid and Aisha love each other ? What happens to Sid's job ? Does Sid realise his calling ? Does Sid really Wake up is the crux of the story.

Neatly presented. Well packaged. Very Good music. Wake up Sid, interlude, makes the screen play more interesting. Ektara also stands out. Wonder who was the Sound Editor... Great Job Dude... Seriously perfect blend of Silence and Music. Looks like someone has done their homework correctly... !!! :)

The mom's character is too good. Wonder where I've seen her before.. I get it !!! Its in Sarkar.. She is Sarkar's wife.
I also liked Laxmi's character, somehow, she comes across as a character, with whom I can relate to.
Debbie, as the class topper in college, with all the specs and attitude, reminds me of a 'Ghost from my Past', with whom I've recently patched up. V.. I hope you are reading this... :)
Of course, How can I forget Sonia ? The lady next door. She is really doing a lot of diverse characters... I'm beginning to really like her acting these days.

One amazing thing about the movie is Aisha's flat. Its just a one hall apartment, with a kitchen and toilet, but trust me, they have done an amazing job in giving it a re-vamp. The flat comes in over 40% of the movie, and they have shown so much space, between the four walls. Color combinations were good... So were the clothes.

Kudos to the Art Director and the Costume Designer... You folks know your job !!!

Ranbir really does behave like a 'baccha'..
Konkana Sen is impressive in parts. Somehow this character is a shade of her character from Luck-By-Chance.

Good refreshing movie ...

Rating :- Can give a 3.5/5 ... Go Watch it !!!!

P.S: Well, the apartment set up just reminded me, that my apartment too, needs a clean up..very badly.. Gosh, i am feeling so lazy... :(

Saturday, October 3, 2009 by Hari
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