What to name it ??

Well, I seriously am in a dilemma, in naming this post...

I have two options -

Love in the times of McDee
French Fries With Ice Cream

Well, I was sitting outside on the benches at McD in CCC in Qurum, and I saw this young couple. The guy was an Indian for sure, the lady accompanying him, looked like of Philipino origin. And trust me, they looked good, together.

Arre bhai, Yeh sab tum kyun blog kar rahe ho ? Aakhir Scene kya hai ?

Picture abhi to shuru hui hai mere dost !!!

Of the two, the guy was perhaps the more taciturn one. He looked quite uncomfortable, though he tried his level best not to show it. The girl on the other hand, was looking, quite comfortable, and was enjoying herself, and trying to make the guy feel more uncomfortable..!! (Though, she did not realise it)

Then... The guy sipped his coffee/hot chocolate or whatever it was, and commented something like it tasted bad. (or were those his expressions ?)

Before I go further, Let me tell you, I did not listen to even a single word of their conversation. I was sitting 10 feet away from them, with a glass wall between us. What ever I am posting, is my version of this tale. So, no Offence Meant !!!

So the girl, trying to be the good host, gets up quickly and get a couple of sugar packets. She then tries to open one of the packets to empty its contents into the cup,but it flies out of her hand and falls down. Both heave a sigh of disappointment. The girl once again gets up, and rushes back to the counter, and picks up half a dozen sugar packets and scurries back. Both share a silly laugh.
(I loved this part)
Both kept looking into each other's eyes and tried to make a conversation, (using their eyes) and they ended up laughing and feeling silly. (I was actually enjoying this part)

Then came the icecream.

The girl took two large spoonfuls and stuffed it into her mouth, and then realised it was too cool. She gives the 'I'm jinxed' kinda expression and swallows the ice cream. Again silly laughter.

Then the girl does, what I did not expect her to do. She takes a spoon of icecream and tries to feed the guy. Now the guy was clearly uncomfortable with this. It became more evident, with her forcing the guy to taste the icecream. (Right outside the glass wall were an Omani family, looking at them with disdain, and I could see the disappointment in their faces... :( ... )But nevertheless the guy goes ahead and takes a lick of the icecream.

The girl had a big packet full of French Fries and was eating one piece at a time. The guy snatches the packet out of hand, takes a couple of pieces and hands it back to her. The girl feigns anger but is soon cajoled by the guy. Then the guy, dips one piece of the French Fry into the icecream and eats it. The girl looks at him, as if he is crazy. He continues it with the second piece. Now the girl is interested. She too decides to have it that way. Only this time, the guy decides not to give the ice-cream to her, and plays around with her. That looked sooooo cute !!! Then again the girl feigns anger and the guy relents and soon the girl is eating French Fries with Ice Cream.

Well, I cannot describe the scene further, as I had to leave..

But I guess, French Fries with IceCream must be good... !!!

I actually have a lot of other things to write here, on the topic.. but some other day... But I actually enjoyed my experience today... !! :) :)

Friday, October 23, 2009 by Hari
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  1. Is there any word to describe this act of urs... I mean... peeping tom would be an over statement for this right :P

  2. Well, the word is - observation.

    And its not a peeping tom act because, it was done, right in the middle of a McDee, and clearly visible across a 'glass' wall, to more than 200 people, both inside and outside the room...

    I rest my case.

  3. Your best observational post! loved this and laughed a lot!!

  4. Thanks buddy,... :) :D

    You can expect more from me, in the coming days..

    BTW this was partly inspired by your Train Post... in which you described a train journey in chennai Electric Train .. :) :P

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