Yaarukku Yaaro .. Subtitles anybody ???

Had forgotten to mention it. Watched this hilariously rip-roaring so called serious movie called Yaarukku Yaaro, over the weekend. Had downloaded the movie during the Eid Holidays but found the guts to watch the movie only this weekend.

Amazing movie.

Story line :

Hero is an 'Auto'mobile engineer, and has plans of making 'small car' or rather family car, for a price of around 75,000, but is unable to get sponsors for his dream project. He rescues this girl Deebha, whose father, incidently happens to be a Car Dealer. Enter, Hero's ex-love, who happens to be his collegemate settled in Canada. What happens in Sam's life ? Does he waver ? Does he get to make his model car ? (Well that is one question the movie does not answer .. :) ) is the crux of the story...

The movie has been shot in picturesque locations and lavish sets and is bound to get a notice. Espcially the scene where the First Heroine, dances near a Palm Tree, with crude, pelvic gyrations.. They are the movie's best parts...
Music and Dialogues are really very good.
Come On !! Guys !! The hero is trying to help the masses by producing a 'family car', please support him.. !! These kind of initiatives are hard to see in Tamil Nadu ...

Quotable Quote from the Movie :-

"Naan oru Automobile Engineer" - Then he points to the walls and shows his girlfriend, Deebha, (yes, that's a 'b') the paintings of cars that we used to do in 4th and 5th standards...

A Digression here. I wonder what would have happened, if this movie was released when we were in college.. !!
I would have spent all my days making fun of the 'Pot Headed One' and 'Monkey' :)

Seriously no Offence Meant guys... Just a joke.. Please take it sportingly...

Then an amazing dance sequence by Our hero - Sam Anderson. He dances as if he is having piles and diahorrea together with cramps in both the legs. The first heroine is crass and looks like some 'C' grade heroine.

The second heroine is very cute and good looking. Perhaps the only good point of the movie. Of course, how can I forget the songs.. There is this one song,

Rasathi, En Aasai Raasathi ...

This song is a celebration of Life folks... Well I guess that sums it up.

Amazing, Brilliant adjectives will not fit this song..
What locations, and what choreography... I guess Even Prabhdeva, forget him, Even MJ could not have danced like Sam Anderson ... Wow.. I was like, from where did this guy come from ??

(We had watched clippings of the movie during our EID holidays and we were so entralled about this particular song, that we were dancing in the middle of the room !!! No.. I'm not lying.. More details of this will be put up in Masti In Muscat Blog... )

Ultimate scenes in the movie,

When he feels shy !!! OMG , what expression.. (BTW , an honest question.. Does he have squint by any chance ??)

When he asks Deebha to sing for him in the middle of the road... and she obliges..

When Deebha takes Sam aka David to her father's office and the subsequent dialogues...

The last scene, Stepney-Step-Nee dialogues and the punch lines... Riveting... !!!

I was disappointed that there were no fight sequences in the movie !! :( They would have made the movie more enjoyable...

Folks, the whole movie is available on Youtube as 12 parts.. Please don't miss it !!!

Worth the effort...

P.S:- Regarding the title of this post.

When I showed parts of the movie to our new team member Vivek, he asked me just one innocent question, that I was not able to answer ..

"Machaan, I want the Subtitles for this movie da !!!"

So Folks, Please help us out..

Oru vela, IMDBkku recommend panna, subtitles kedaikkumo ???

The saga continues...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 by Hari
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  1. Honest request for every one reading.... please provide subtitles...for this movie...

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