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An Essay on The Individual, The Internet and The Metaverse - Part 1

Note:- I am planning to make this into a series of serious posts on
An Essay on The Individual, The Internet and the Metaverse.

I am hoping that I will be able to continue the series into a long and fruitful discussion of ideas.

Here goes....

The Web revolution that began in the first decade of this century has taken us by storm. Anyone who wishes to make his voice heard can now do so, in a jiffy. The web has started a new kind of media organism better knows as "Me-Media". It represents a Third Media Revolution, following the individualization and socialization brought about in the last 400 years by print and electronics. Its remarkably easy, these days, to play the role of a newspaper or a radio station. You only need to go to, three Simple Steps and there you are are.... One step closer to your 15 minutes of fame, that Andy Warhol felt, everybody deserved.

After the Letter, the Telephone and the Television, this is the glorious age of Me-Media. Its not just a question of readership and popularity but a question of Reality and existence. Instead of focus on Technology (as has been the case in the past 5 or more years) the focus is now more on the entertainment aspect of the Web-Media. As jargonists would put it, iTainment is the order of the day. Learning and Pleasure, Utility and amusement go side by side, But with the Web-Media and iTainment, possible consequences are frightening. We could end up spending hours on the Internet, and still end up doing nothing. Not even remotely significant.

Web conversations are the new equations for creating power relationships. The fact that anyone can be anonymous and still be online, is yet to get to the grips of many. The Media Revolution, makes contacting customers, employees, and anyone else much easier. But it has also made innovation the order of the day. With new means to attract traffic, customers, ads,revenues, new strategies have to formulated, albeit at a cost. So where do we stand in this ? Virtual identities are rapidly replacing our real ones. In this age of Me-Media, digital alter-egos are soon becoming an accepted form of personal and brand identity. If you've noticed, these days, it is totally uncool, if you don't have a facebook profile or if you don't tweet. Social networking is the order of the day. The combination of virtuality and physical reality will soon create new virtu(re)al world, which will be called The Metaverse.

All the media and social revolutions are nothing by ta sensational evaluation (or evolution) of the individual. Weblogs (Blogs) and wikis were the first successes of the Web Revolution which clearly indicated that people were taking control. At the end of 2007, there were more than 120 million blogs on the Information Superhighway. Virtuality has reached the next level and with the physical world being mapped three dimensionally, applications like Google Streets that provide, real time, spatial three dimensonal data of extreme quality, It is just the beginning of the first chapter in Me-Media.

Note that the very fact that our physical reality, will soon be part of the new virtu(re)al Metaverse (note:- it is not the other way around !! ) is so science-fiction, yet Iconic.

Me-Media is emphasizing on the notion of identity. What is identity ? How is it formed ?

Wiki defines Identity formation, as

The process of the development of the distinct personality of an individual. This process defines individual to others and themselves. Pieces of the actual identity include a sense of continuity, a sense of uniqueness from others and a sense of affliation

Without sounding too technical or jargonish, we can call this as "How an individual views him/herself both as a person and in relation to other people, ideas and nature."
It is the capacity for self-reflection and the awareness of self.

Digital identity refers to the aspect of digital technology that is connected with the mediation of people's experience of their own identity and the identity of other people and things. It is also the digital representation of a set of claims made by one digital subject about itself or another digital subject.

The Internet was built without a way to know who and what you are connecting to. As the users of Web increases, hundreds of millions of people began to use it indiscriminately. People, today, are OK to typing their names, addresses, passwords and other personal information into almost any text box that appears on their screen.. !!!
There is no consistent or reliable framework that allows them to evaluate the authenticity of the sites that they visit and no foolproof method of knowing whether they entity they are dealing with is legitimate or not. At the same time, there is no organised method to even remember the many different aspects of their digital existence.
Remember the different login-ids for gmail, hotmail, yahoomail, orkut, facebook, twitter, etc etc ?

A formal understanding of the dynamics of the digital identity systems, that will soon become the Identity Layer of the Internet, that it so badly needs, is required. For that, a set of laws need to be formulated. More about the laws and their significance can be read at the "The Identity Blog".
(BTW, an excellent starting point, for Digital Identity Crisis)

The Internet is now being used to manage and exchange things of great value, both materialistic as well as psychological. Phishing, Pharming and Spywares are just the tip of the iceberg, that criminal organizations use, to take advantage of the relative inability of the end-user (i.e You) in distinguishing between the genuine and the not-so-genuine entities on the Information Super Highway. The patchy framework of the Internet cannot withstand the systematic assault of these criminal organizations on the digital Identity. A time would come, when Internet would lose its credibility for economic transactions.

We have developed robust systems that can evolve in response to their environment, but as long as the digital identity remains a patch framework, all these systems will bite the dust. Knowing who is connected to what, and how is a must for the NexGen systems.

We need a unifying Identity Metasystem, within The Metaverse, that allows the one-off, ad-hoc digital identity framework to move towards a standard that is reliable, safe, and foolproof and works if not over the whole Internet, atleast within a metasystem framework.

P.S:- If you feel this went OTH (Over the Head).... Sorry... :(

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Astras - 1 - Narayanastra

Note:- An internal mail by my colleague G, is the starting point of this series.
This could be labelled as a religious post. Readers Discretion is advised.
I enjoyed researching and writing it.
Hope you enjoy reading it...!!!

So what do we know about the Narayanastra ?

There are only two known instances of use of Narayanastra.
(I am aware of only two. Please correct me, in case I am wrong ..)
One is the usage by Ashwathama on the Pandavas.
The other one is by Dhruv on the Yakshas. Not much literature is available on the Dhruv episode, hence ignoring it, for the time being.

Well, here are three things that I know about Narayanastra ...

Its secrets were known only by three people, Krishna, Drona and Ashwathama.
It cannot be used twice. If tried, it boomerangs on the invoker itself.
The only way to counter it is......

Well, want to know how to counter Narayanastra ?

Read on .. :)

During the Mahabharata War, after Dronacharya is killed, Ashwathama goes on a rampage. He kills hundreds and thousands of Pandava soldiers. As Arjuna approaches Ashwathama's region, he lets loose the Narayanastra.

Now,letting loose the Narayanastra itself was an act transgressing the normal ethics of war. Narayanastra was an embodiment of Narayana itself, and was to be used only in case the enemy was of Deva/Daitya nature, i.e it was not intended for 'Maanav-Yudh'.

Note : Here Narayastra is not to be confused with the Vaishnavastra.

As the Astra started attacking the Pandava forces, the Pandavas did what they were best at. Fight back. And what happens is that the Astra begins to rain down missiles even heavily. And as the Pandavas fight the Astra more and more, the Astra strengthens its attacks. As the Pandava Soldiers perish by the Hundreds and thousands, Panic grips Yudhishtra. He is delusioned by the fact that the current massacre is because of his lie, that caused his preceptor, Drona's Death, and he shouts to his brothers and warriors, to leave the battlefield and to let him face the Astra alone.

Just then another voice is heard, ordering them to lay down their weapons, and to surrender to the power of Narayana's Divine weapon. Krishna orders the Pandava Army to worship the weapon, and not to feed it by their own aggresive energies. Krishna's words spread like wildfire across Kurukshetra, as every Pandava Soldier, prostrates on the ground, after laying down his weapon. The Narayanastra has already simmered down. But one Pandava Kshatriya has not yet laid down his weapons.

He roars, "I am no coward to bow before this weapon from Ashwathama. I killed an elephant named Ashwathama yesterday, Today I will kill a Kshatriya by the same name.I will oppose this astra, even if no one else, has ever dared to do so."

Yes. You guessed it right. Its the hot blooded Bheema !!

A rain of fire pours down from the Astra, showering light like arrows on Bheema. The whole of Kurukshetra is irradiated by the golden light from the Son of Vayu, who looks like a mountain covered by Fireflies. Unperturbed by all this, Bheema raises his weapon to attack Ashwathama, by whose will the Astra is functioning. The Astra, launches the missiles that destroy his chariot and weapons. It engulfs him in a sheet of flames, and now he looks like a Deva who has materialised at the heart of a yagna fire. The soldiers are now confused. There are two suns now. One on the horizon and one on the Kurukshetra battlefield. Arjuna fires the Varunastra on Bheema to counter the heat. The Astra, whose normal usage could have flash flooded the whole of Kurukshetra, simply turns to Steam when it hits Bheema's Chariot.

Arjuna and Krishna realise that Bheema is heading for his own Kaal. They get down and rush towards his chariot, fighting the white flames engulfing them. Before Bheema realises what is happening, Arjuna and Krishna pin Bheema down, and the Narayanastra dims itself again. It waits for some time and then passes off as a comet, over the Pandava army and out of Kurukshetra and into the horizon. The Pandava Army heaves a sigh of relief, as Duryodhan openly expresses his disappointment on seeing the Pandavas alive.

Here is some interesting material to chew on for Narayanastra.

Dronacharya died at the age of 85. By this time, he had entrusted almost all his responsibilities onto his son, Ashwathama, and that included, the responsibility of all the war-weapons and missiles, their usage and knowledge of their mantras. Among these, were his most potent astras, namely the Narayanastra. Though he had obtained most of his weapons from his war-preceptor, Parashurama, the story of Mahabharata tells us that, Drona received the Narayanastra from Narayana himself. Narayana visits Drona disguised as a Bhrahman. Drona, acts as the ideal host, and serves the Bhrahman well, and the Bhrahman decides to grant Drona a boon. Drona asks for the Narayanastra, if he deems it to be fit. The Bhrahman grants him the boon, wholeheartedly.

Don't you think it is a strange co-incidence that Drona should ask Narayanastra from a Brahmin ? Drona, till that time, has invested his whole life, into the science and art of warfare. So, it is very likely that he would have very well known the implications of his boon. Also, the Astra must have had some moral and ethical issues involved. There is a blatant contradiction here... Drona prays for a boon to obtain the Narayanastra, from a man, he believes to be a Bhrahman.

A Boon can be granted to anyone, but the nature of the boon, depends upon the capacity of the giver. The supplicant needs to consider, if he wants his desire to be fulfilled. If in any way, he does not consider it, the boon giver may only record his sanction when it goes beyond his control.

Drona was in his quest for the ultimate weapon as a means of attaining perfection, and this preoccupation of his, might have come out of his mouth, when the Bhrahmin offered him a boon. He asked for an invincible weapon, and his desire was granted, not only as a patronizing gesture, but as an actual fulfilment. The giver was Narayana himself in disguise. Mythically the Bhrahmin wished him the attainment of perfection, and Drona actually acheived it,as a result of his concentration on his quest for the perfect weapon. The weapon, when attained as means such as the one mentioned above, must surely have some moral and spiritual implication, both on the bearer and on its usage. Anything divine cannot stand netural to the wider issues of life and justice, and hence we have the principles of this weapon being read out,

This weapon being an irresistible one, must not be used indiscriminately in escapable situations or citing flimsy grounds, (clearly indicating that it must be used only as a last resort). It should not be used on soldiers who have laid down their weapons and abandoned their chariots, and nor upon those retreating or entreating shelter or protection. Its use in such cases, would be such that it would boomerang itself on the invoker itself, thus the Lord Narayana himself stipulated the rules of its usage.

Here is what happened when the Astra was first fired.

There was thunderclap in the cloudless sky, there was rain and tempestous wind. The earth was quaking, the oceans were angry and the sea turned its tides. This and many things happened as an indication of cataclysmic disturbance. The weapon first rose as a single rocket, then flew past over a distance to explode in the air into thousands of shapes and colors covering the enemy positions in ever expanding circles. Then emerged from it, thousands of fire-tipped missiles and in a moment, millions of club shaped projectiles, two wheeled and four wheeled propellers and projectiles, all burning like revolving and sweeping celestial bodies in space.

This is the forerunner of the modern ballistic missile only kept within a limited range to hit a less remote target.

After Narayanastra, leaves Krishna and Arjuna, without even causing a scar on their bodies, Ashwathama is disappointed and goes to Ved Vyas to inquire about his weapon's potency. Vyas explains to him that Narayana was Krishna and was beyond the access of all weapons. He also explains to Ashwathama the indestructibility of Krishna and the state of his Godliness.

The Rishi here cites that man too can attain indestructibility !!
Surprised ?? Read on...

The case in point here is Arjuna. No !! Arjuna is not Narayana, then what happened to the effect of the astra on him ? Arjuna is not Narayana, but he is Nara. He is beyond the scope of the Astra, when in company of Narayana, simply implying that whatever faults he may have in his mortal being, when in the company of Narayana, he is safe.

That's a long post.. !!! After a long long time, on Mythology..

Comments are welcome... !!!

P.S:- Many thanks to G for his 'Ram-Ram' threads. This series on Astras is dedicated to him.
P.P.S:- I promise to do more research and provide some interesting food for thought.
P.P.P.S :- Here are the links that I referred to ...
Read Here and Here.
Both are acclaimed books. Have a good look, in case you are interested. :)

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Whatta Ad !!!!

Fell in love with the new Red Chilli Bijli Advertisement by Bingo..

You can watch the advertisement on Youtube, Here.

The girl is soooooo cute..
Love the chemistry between the Guy and Girl !!! They make a fantastic pair...!!!

No Confusion, Great Combination.. !!!

P.S:- Read My earlier post on Ads here. "Of Nostalgia and Advertisements"

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My First Panoramic Photograph !!!

My first Panoramic view... Edited with Pixtra.. so the Pixtra Watermark is all over the place.. Looking for some really good freeware that does this kind of Panoramas.. Any pointers anyone ??

This is the Nizwa Fort, clicked with my Sony H10, during my recent trip to Nizwa.
5 Photos panoramically aligned to get the 290+ degrees view..
Please click on the Photo, to see a bigger and better version of the Photograph. The original photo is 2.2 MB in size.

Comments are welcome...

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Of Future and Sixth sense ...

I remember seeing the computer connected to Internet, for the first time in 1997. I had won a competition at the NIIT and they offered my one full day session at their centre, complete with Multimedia presentations and Games. Thrilled by the offer, I paid a visit to their centre. That was my first brush with Internet. I had only learnt about a CD till then, I saw it there. I felt it. It was a great feeling. I was shown the power of Internet. It had arrived.

Today, 12 years later, I realise that I spend more than 9 hours of my time, online. Almost everybody has a digital identity and it is getting more and more complicated everyday. My opinion on online identities will be a separate post altogether.

This post is about a video that I saw recently. When I saw it, I said,m "Bloody Hell.."
If they bring in this sort of technology, it will rock the world.
You can see the video on youtube here.
It's about how pervasive Internet and Computing has become. It is there, everywhere, and the video is a fine example. You can get reviews of books, literally on your fingertips. Shoot photographs with gestures of your hand. Use any wall, (note.. Any Wall) to compose an email, and send it off. Recognise people instantly, have their information floating around as word-clouds, etc etc...
Here are some caps...

I was spell bound after watching this video. Hats off to Pranav Mistry, the student who did this project.

Amazing.. !!!

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Kevin AbdulRahman's Ebook for Free ...

Yes Folks, Am not joking...
Here is an established International Author/Inspirational Keynote Speaker/World Class Mind Coach/Mind Nutrition Expert, who is offering you an electronic copy of his latest book for fee...

Well, As I had mentioned here, Kevin had mailed me the book, asking me to review it, which I did. As a good will gesture to me and my friends, he has now extended the offer, saying that, anybody who registers at, will get a free copy of the ebook. Folks who are signing up for the book, from this blog, please put in my name in the fields asked, so that accordingly further ebooks and other offers will be sent to you. You will not be spammed. In case you are interested, the sign-up is provided on the left-hand side of the website, just below Kevin's photograph.

All the Very Best, for a bright and prosperous future...

P.S:- BTW Kevin is also a columnist with Muscat Daily and a very popular one at that...

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Sholay - The EverGreen Action Movie !!!!!

Was browsing the websites for Jab We Met dialogues, when I came across Sholay Dialogues... Fell off my seat laughing... :)


Veeru : Jay,
Jay : Hmm....

Veeru : aaj maine kuchh sochaa hai.
Jay : hmm, kabhi kabhi ye kaam bhi karanaa chahiye.

Veeru : Aaj maine ek bahot bada faisalaa kiyaa hai.
Jay : Mai bataau tera bahot bada faisala? Tu Basanti se shaadi karna chahata hai.

Veeru : Arre, wah wah wah . Tu mera sachha yaar hai. ek yaar hi yaar ke dil ki baat jaan sakata hai.
Jay : Aur woh yaar ye bhi jaanta hai ki is saal me shaadi ka ye tera aathawa faisala hai.

Veeru : Yeh final hai yaar.
Jay : Final ? ... subah se daaru pe rahaa hai na?

Veeru : Yaar Partner, mera ek kaam kar de..
Jay : Kya?

Veeru : Woh Basanti hai na us ki mausi ke paas jaakar mere rishte ki baat kuchh is dhang se kar ke mausi shagun leke aajaaye.
Jay : Mai kyun karoo?

Veeru : Aare, Ladkewaale hi to jaate hai ladkiwaalon ke ghar. Jay, Aur phir is duniyaa me tere siwa mera hai kaun?
Jay : Dekh, shaadi toone karni hai, tu jaa ke baat kar.

Veeru : Jara Soch .... Shaadi ke baad ek ghar hoga.
Jay : Ghar to tera hoga.

Veeru : ek biwi hogi.
Jay : teri hogi.

Veeru : 7-8 bachche honge
Jay : tere honge.

Veeru : ... par chacha chacha to tumhe hi bolenge na. Pyaar se tumhari goad me khelenge, tere kandhon pe zula zulenge. Aur totli jabaan me bolenge taataa taataa hamko kahaaniyaa sunaao...
Jay : Hmmm... yaane shaadi ke baad tere ghar me mujhe aayaa ki naukari
milnewaali hai.

Veeru : .. samazaa, tu mera dost nahi. laanat hai aisi dosti..(daaru ki botal
phodate phodate ruk jaata hai . do ghoont maar leta hai.)
Isi liye akad rahaa hai na, ke mera ye kaam tere bagair doosaraa koi
nahi kar sakataa... aaj meri maa hoti to meri kab ki shaadi ho chuki hoti. Mere chhote chhote baal-bachhe hote. Aaj meraa baap hota to band baaje ke saath meri shaadi kar ke laataa. Mere bhai bahan hote woh muasi ke pair chhoo kar bhi basanti ki shaadi mujh se karwaa dete.. Lekin ye mat bhul jay..Jiskaa koi nahi hota uska bhagwaan hota hai, ... Bhagwaan..(phir se daaru pita hai). Tu woh dost nahi rahaa.
Tu nahi chahataa mai boore dhande chhodkar ghar-grihasti basaa sakoo. Maine tujhe kyaa samazaa tha jay lekin tu.. tu kya nikala?...
Jay :( a big pause) (to him self) saalaa nautanki.... ghadi gadhi draamaa karta hai.(to Veeru) Chal bas bas bahut ho gaya hai, mai mausi se jaake baat kar loonga.

Veeru : sach?


Then this is followed by the absolutely amazing dialogue sequence between Jai and Mausi.. :) :D

Mausi : Arre beta, bas itna samaz lo ke ghar me jawaan beti seene par pathhar ke sil ki tarah hoti hai. Basanti ka byaah ho jaaye to chain ki saans loo.
Jay : haa sach kaha mausi aapne. bada bojh hai aap par.

Mausi : Lekin beta, is bojh ko koi kunwe me to phaik nahi deta.Bura nahi maananaa , itanaa to poochhanaa hi padataa hai ke ladke kaa khaandaan kyaa hai uske lachhchhan kaise hai, kamaataa kitnaa hai?
Jay : Kamaane ka to ye hai ek baar biwi bachhon ki jimmedaari sar pe aa gayi to .. kamaane bhi lagegaa.

Mausi : To kya abhi kuchh bhi nahi kamaataa?
Jay : Nahi nahi ye maine kba kahaa mausi, kamaataa hai lekin,... ab roj roj to aadmi jeet nahi sakataa na. .. kabhi haar bhi jaataa hai bechaaraa?

Mausi : haar jaata hai?
Jay : haan mausi ab ye kambakht juwaa cheej hi aisi hai ab mai kyaa kahoon ?

Mausi : heynnnn. to kya juwaari hai?
Jay : chhi chhi chhi chhi mausi, woh aur juwaari na na. woh to bahot hi achchha aur nek ladka hai.Lekin mausi, ek baar sharaab pi li na phir, achchhe bure ka kahaa hosh rahataa hai. Haath pakad ke bitha liyaa kisi ne juwaa khelane. ab isme bechare Veeru ka kya dosh?

Mausi : Thik kahate ho beta. juwaari woh sharaabi woh lekin, uska koi dosh nahi.
Jay : Mausi aap to mere dost ko galat samaz rahi hai. woh to itanaa seedha aur bhola hai. aare basanti se uski shaadi karke to dekhiye, ye juwe aur sharaab ki aadat to do din me chhoot jaayegi.

Mausi : Arre beta, mujh budhiyaa ko samaza rahe ho. ye sharaab aur juwe ki aadat kisi ki chhooti hai aaj tak.
Jay : Mausi aap Veeru ko nahi jaanati , wishwaas kijiye wo is tarah kaa insaan nahi hai. Ek baar shaadi ho gayi to woh us gaane-waali ke ghar jaanaa band kar degaa. bas, sharaab apne aap chhoot jaayegi.

Mausi : Hi hi, bas yehi ek kami raha gayi thi. to kya kisi gaane-waali ke ghar bhi aanaa jaanaa hai?
Jay : To isme kaunsi buri baat hai mausi. arre , gaana soonane to raajaa-
mahaaraajaa unche unche khaandaan ke log jaate hai, haan.

Mausi : Achchha ! to beta ye bhi bataate jaao ki tumhare yeh gunwaan dost kis khaandaan ke hai?
Jay : Bas mausi, khaandaan ka pataa chalate hi ham aap ko khabar de denge.

Mausi : Ek baat ki daad doongi beta. bhale sau buraaEyaa hai tumhare dost me ,phir bhi tumhare munh se us ke liye taareefe hi nikalti hai.
Jay : ab Kya karoo mausi.. mera to dil hi kuchh aisa hai.(pause)...To.. mai ye rishtaa pakkaa samazoo?

Mausi : Pakkaa? . bhale saari jindagi ladaki kuwaari baithi rahe. lekin mai aise aadami se Basanti ko nahi byaahanewaali. Sagi mausi hoon. koi sautelee maa nahi.
Jay : Ajeeb baat hai. mere itane samazaane par bhi aap ne inkaar kar diyaa.. Bechaaraa Veeru... naa jaane kya karega?


Sholay rocks.. !!!!

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A Year Runs By ...!!!

Note:- This is a milestone post :- 200th post of my blog.

Today, I complete a year in Muscat. It is a mixed feeling...

From the beginning I was not interested in onsite.. that was mainly because, I had missed out on more than 3 onsites... Once to Paraguay, Once to Russia, and once to Netherlands. Of these, the Paraguay one was the most painful one, as even the Visa had been obtained. Only travel dates had to be confirmed.

I recall, there were worse cases than mine, when folks were asked to come back from airport after reaching the Check-In counter.. So I felt, this was much much better.

When I got Muscat as an onsite, I was actually neutral. Moreover, it was a support project. A realm in which I had very limited exposure. Implementation was my forte. I was (and still am) the best in that area. I had expressed my concerns to my managers, who were very confident, that this would be a cake-walk for me. But moving to the Support team, was more of a learning experience for me. I learnt things that I could have never learnt if I was in Implementation. Moreover, Implementation did not have any big projects at that point of time. Hence the transition. After I came to onsite, things became chaotic, to say the least. I was taking things left right and centre. I lost all hope and was perhaps facing the darkest period of my career.

And as Aditya Kashyap says in Jab We Met,
"Apni haalat bahut kharab hai... yaani ... Apni Band Baj chuki hai... Isse bura kuch ho hi nahi sakta... Agar kuch ho sakta hai, to sirf acha hi ho sakta hai.."

And it is from there I started. My trip to India in August was a revelation in many ways. I realised that I was a powerhouse of talent.. ala mitochondira.. All I had to was to tap it.. !!! And did I do that .. You bet I did.. !!!!

I do not wish to stay here anymore.. Enough is enough... Its time to move on... Maybe India, maybe some other country... Let's see...

But for the time being.. India Beckons.. !!!!

Though it is a happy day for me.. It is only ironic that one man's happiness is another man's grief...

My deepest condolences to the folks who lost their near and dear ones in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks...

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When Brangelina and Uma Thurman shared Newsprint with Me !!!

Finally Finally Finally, I get my review published in a National Newspaper...
Yes !! Muscat Daily Finally published my Review on the movie Up.
And the best part is Brangelina and Uma Thurman share the 'screen-space' with me...

Well, the review that was supposed to be published last wednesday, was pushed to next week, owing to Special Supplement for National Day. I was actually very very disappointed, but decided not to lose heart. The Managing editor mailed me back stating that, it would be published this week. I was keeping my fingers crossed and keeping expectations less. Finally, when I saw my photo in paper.. I was thrilled to bits.. My happiness knows no bounds.. though I am a tad disappointed that the dog got a bigger pic than me.. :)

You can see the article in high-res Here
(It's 3 MB.. Click this, only if you wish to see my handsome face..)

For a normal version, see below...

They have also promised me a column, for which the first article has already been sent. They have said that they will be putting the column out to print, very soon...
The column is tentatively titled... 'Single in the City'.

Boy ! Oh Boy ! Am on cloud nine, Ain't I ? You Bet !!!!!
Well, Well, Well, Brangelina ..Watch out !!!... You are just damn lucky (to share screen-space with me..:) ) .. !!!! :P

P.S:- My heartfelt thanks to Mohana Prabhakar - Managing Editor of Muscat Daily and Their Features Editor, who have considered the work fit to be published... Thanks Once again.

Thanks to my Parents and Sister, for always having encouraged me to do whatever I've wanted to... and of-course, to my Best and Worst Critic, and My Best Friend Forever...

P.P.S:- My milestone post for 200 posts comes tomorrow... on a special day.. !!! What's so special... We shall see... :)

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10 Events that shaped India in the 1990's ...

Very much wanted to write a post on the 1990's for a long time. It was a decade, in which I grew up, and it left a lasting impression on me. I think, it was living in that decade, and witnessing first hand, the power of ideas, that has lead me to become the man, that I am.

Note:- This might be a long post. So read at your discretion.

Here goes the snapshot.

1991 :Assasination of Rajiv Gandhi.
1992 :Demolition of Babri Masjid.
1991/1996 :Age of Economic Reforms.
1993 :Bombay Blasts rock the nation.
1993/1994 :Plague in Surat and Latur Earthquake.
1996 :Jain-Hawala Case comes to light.
1997 :India celebrates 50 years of Independence.
1997 :VDIS
1998 :India becomes a Nuclear Power.
1999 :Operation Vijay - India's Kargil War.

Honorable Mention:-
1992 :Advent of Cable T.V.

Assasination of Rajiv Gandhi :-Rajiv Gandhi, visited Sriperumbudur, to campaign for LS Candidate, Maragatham Chandrasekhar, on 21st May 1991. It was done by Suicide Bombing, one of the first uses in recent times, for the purpose of Political Terror. The reason being the role of India in sending the Peace Keeping Mission Force, which, according to some, destroyed the lives and families in Sri Lanka.

Reasons for this being a very important event in my memory are two :-
The funeral ceremony of Rajiv Gandhi was shown Live on T.V, perhaps for the first time, in the history of Television in India. The whole world mourned with The Gandhis, - The Surname to Die for.
Another important reason being, the judgement passed on the accused. The accused were arrested under the TADA(Act) The supreme Court of India, in a (according to me) Landmark Ruling, declared all 27 accused to be guilty and pronounced the Death Sentence. Further appeal, reduced the sentences of all, except 4.

This was one incident that shook the whole world. In the words of Anton Balasingham, the LTTE spokesman, (14 years after) the assasination of Rajiv Gandhi was "great tragedy, a monumental historical tragedy which we deeply regret"

Demolition of Babri Masjid :-A Black Mark on India's Culture and Tradition. It triggered off a Political, Historical and Socio-Religious Debate, more popularly known as The Ayodhya Debate.

In the 16th century, the emperor Babur, constructed a mosque/masjid on the supposedly sacro-sanct Ayodhya Bhoomi, where the temple of Shri Ram (was)(had been) built. The mosque was destroyed on December 6, 1992 by politically motivated Hindu Activists. There were about 150,000 people who, during a planned ceremony, destroyed the mosque. The Liberhan commission was set up to enquire into the incident. Interestingly, the Liberhan Commission is the longest running commission in Indian history, with almost all governments giving it liberal extensions. (though I believe the question is politically motivated, as no political party wants to get involved into this). There is no estimate of when this report will be submitted to the goverment, though a leaked Copy of the Report has rocked the Parliament a couple of days ago.

Reason for this to be embedded into my memory : We were staying in U.P at that point of time, and religious fervour ran high in those parts. There was curfew for more than a month, with curfew being lifted intermittently. Being accosted by gun-wielding policeman, and reading biased news gave us no real picture of the outside world.

Age of Economic Reforms :-1991-1996 - the golden age of Indian economy. With Manmohan Singh opening up the doors for globalisation and liberalisation in a seemingly non-descript economy, our GDP almost tripled in the 5 year reign by Rao. Throw in the changes made by P.Chidambaram in the EXIM policy in 1996, we were going over the roof, with trade.

I do not want to quote much here, lest I should start sounding like the Union Budget.

Bombay Blasts rock the nation :-A series of 13 Bomb explosions that took place in Bombay, paralysing India and shocking the world, is one more incident that shaped India, (in my opinion). The blasts were purported to have been done by Dawood. They, at the time of the incident, were the most destructive bomb explosions in Indian History. The attacks were considered as a shame, in a nation, where all religions were believed to have existed mutually since the beginning of time. Many hundreds were arrested and detained under TADA and scores of people were accused. Another Black Mark on India's glorious past.

Plague in Surat and Latur Earthquake :-The city of Surat, famous for its Sarees, became infamous in 1994, for the pneumonic plague that soon became an epidemic. Only 52 people died, but it resulted in such mass hysteria and panic, that more than 500,000 people moved out of the city of Surat. There was further panic, when these folks started to move towards other cities, as their inhabitants were afraid that the disease would be contagious. Many questions are still unanswered about the Plague, though many attribute it to the it to the fact that, there were heavy monsoons and poor drainage facilities, with animal remains rotting, leading to the spread of the plague. Kudos to the Indian Health Authorities for curbing the epidemic and restricting it to only a city.

Latur, experienced an earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter Scale on the wee hours of 30th September 1993. An Estimated 30,000 people died, making it one of the most catastrophic earthquakes of the decade. About 400 sq. km of area in South Central Maharashtra was affected. After this catastrophic disaster, seismic zones were reclassified and standards were revised all over India.

Jain-Hawala Case comes to light :-If you are totally unaware of what Hawala is, you can read this here.
Here is the outline of the Hawala case.
In 1991, two Kashmiris, Shahabuddin Ghauri and Ashfaq Lone, were arrested under TADA. They were found to be conduits for passing on the Hawala money to Terrorists. Further digging, led to the Jain Brothers, SK Jain, NK Jain and BR Jain, who were supposed to have funded the money to the arrested Kashmiris, from where, they were passed on for funding Terrorist activities in India and elsewhere. It was later found that, the source for the Jains' money was from Politicians, which included the Who's Who of Indian politics. Moolchand Shah, an alleged mastermind, and associate of Dawood, was arrested. But he hired the famous Ram Jethmalani, to plead his case and the Supreme Court let him off on bail. The diaries recovered from the Jain Brothers contains many explosive truths. As a website puts it..

"There were two many omissions in the prosecution case, too many gaping holes in their argument, too many unexplained turns."

The case was supposed to end with the arrest of Hurriyat leader Ali Shah Geelani.

India celebrates 50 years of Independence :-
No explanation required.
We Rock !!!!!

India becomes a Nuclear Power :-A Quarter century after 'Smiling Buddha', on 11 May 1998, Operation Shakti was carried out. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, and Dr. R.Chidambaram were the key players in this momentous task. Once the tests were conducted, India was jubiliant. As wiki quotes...

"News about the tests was greeted with jubilation and large-scale approval by the society in India. The Bombay Stock Exchange registered significant gains. Newspapers and television channels praised the government for its bold decision; editorials were full of praise for the country's leadership and advocated the development of an operational nuclear arsenal for the country's armed forces. The scientific establishment was thankful to the government for having been given the opportunity to prove their capabilities. More significantly, all doubts were erased from the minds of people who questioned India's nuclear capability after the testing in 1974."

Read an Excerpt from "How the CIA Was Fooled.." By Raj Chengappa

Voluntary Disclosure of Income Scheme was one gem of a scheme in my opinion. To tap the crores and crores of Black Money lying unused with people, This Scheme was introduced. No !! It was not a novelty. It was introduced during the Post Independence era by the Minister for Revenue & Expenditure in the Nehru Council of Ministers - Mahavir Tyagi. He introduced the First Voluntary Disclosure Scheme, known as the Tyagi Scheme, primarily, as he put it, to bring into the open incomes which had not been revealed to the alien government prior to independence. Well, P.C reintroduced it, much to the chagrin of critics and economists.

It was a "controversial voluntary disclosure of income scheme which granted income-tax defaulters indefinite immunity from prosecution under the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1973, the Income Tax Act, 1961, the Wealth Tax Act, 1957, and the Companies Act, 1956 in exchange for self-valuation and disclosure of income and assets."

That the Comptroller and Auditor General of India condemned the scheme in his report as abusive and a fraud on the genuine taxpayers of the country, is another story altogether.

The Media folks had a field day, when they showed folks standing in long queues to deposit all the 'Black Money' that they had, in anticipation of immunity from Income Tax Defaulting. The critics may be critical of such a method to tap out the Black money, but at the end of the 214 day deadline, over 3.5lakh people, laughed their way to the Bank (Pun Intended) and declared assets worth more than Rs 25,000 crore.

This still remains my favorite Financial Scheme. :)
You can read something interesting about this,Here.
Well, If India Today ran a cover story, way back, in 1994, you can imagine what sort of ripples it might have made !!!

Operation Vijay - India's Kargil War :-Kargil Conflict was an armed conflict between India and Pakistan that took place between May and July of 1999. The infitration of Pakistani Soldiers and Kashmiri militants was the starting point of this conflict. Evidences later revealed that Pakistan was purportedly promoting Terrorism in Kashmir valley, by breeding Terrorists. This was perhaps only the second direct ground war between any two countries after they had developed nuclear weapons. Luckily no nuclear weapons were used. It was a resounding victory for India, and was a shot in the arm for the Vajpayee led NDA Government.

One important reason, why this is an important event is that, (budding talented)folks like Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, and many more, were at their creative best at this point and watching them report news live was very patriotic (atleast for me.) It also showed to me, the power that media wields over the minds of the people.

Honorable Mention
Advent of Cable T.V :-

During the era of liberalisation and globalisation, the markets were thrown open for other players. Seizing the opportunity, Rupert Murdoch's STAR TV made its advent into the Indian Television Market. MTV, STAR Plus, BBC, Prime Sports and STAR Chinese Channel were the 5 channels. Soon Zee TV became the first private channel to broadcast via Cable. Sun TV (now Network) became the first South Indian channel to broadcast. Star expanded its bouquet introducing STAR World, STAR Sports, ESPN and STAR Gold, and since then there has been no looking back. Considering the fact that, DD Was the supreme leader in Television, it was reduced to nothing in front of the private players. Though the quality of the programmes is under question, it still played a very important role.

Phew... That is a looong looong post, and its serious too... !!!!

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Of Typealyzer, Personalities and Word Clouds...

Found this site, TYPEALYSER, which analyses your blog and tries to 'predict' your personality, using keyword search. Here is what it said for this blog. :)

Very interesting, though I've always wondered, if it is ethically and morally right for a 'machine' to try to predict personalities. For that matter, I am against Lie-Detectors !!! :) :P

There is this one more site, which does a word cloud search of your blog. It's called Wordle. Amazing Java GUI. Highly customizable, with 'n' number of fonts,and layouts.. The best part is you can save it online and it will be added to their global search cloud, though the drawback here is that these cannot be taken back.. so be careful, in case you are writing a personal blog..

Here are some tag clouds in different layouts.. from my blog :)

Very Innovative... :) :D

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8 Years and Rocking... !!!!

Happy Anniversary to my BFF...!!! :)

Today is actually the 8th Year of our friendship... We've been together through all the ups and downs of friendship and even more. I have some confessions to make here.
Usually in any relationship, there will be one person, who makes all the sacrifices and another who leverages his/her ego. In our relationship, she was the one who made the sacrifices and I have been the one, who leveraged his ego, big time...

Note: This is not a guilt trip !!!!!

I do not know, if I have been a good friend to her not.. But I know for sure, (and I swear by God), that she's been more than just a good friend to me... If it wasn't for her, I would be probably be a depressed megalomaniac.

Thanks for being my 'Best' Friend :) :D !!!!

P.S:- Ah.. Those wonderful things, she said about me, in my About Me column, can just ignore them.. She probably never meant them... !!!

P.P.S :- Even if she did, she has every right to.. !! :)

P.P.P.S :- I would love to post more, but unfortunately, I've got strict censorship Hence refraining...

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Hey.. This is a milestone post !!!!

Hey.. This is indeed a milestone post for me...

Just now noticed that this blog has been loaded 15,000 times.. :)

WoW !!!

I never thought, that I will be having 10,000 pageloads in just a year. 4000 of those pageloads have happened in the past 2 months.

The post where I reached 5000 visitors is here.
The post where I reached 11000 visitors is here. (This is exactly 2 months ago .. :) :D )

Thanks a lot for all the support provided to me...
Keep commenting and encouraging !!!!

Once again, Thanks a lot.. !!!

P.S :- The next milestone post will be the 200 posts one.. !!! :) :D

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Of Farewells and Last Minute Drama..

So Finally Finally Finally Anand has left Muscat.

Poor chap, he had been asking for a release since January.... He came for implementation, got caught in support and was nearly stranded.. Anyway, glad that he could make it to India... :)
(I know that sounds so depressing.. But then that is the truth...We are all stuck here.. :P)

And what drama it was at the airport !!!

Anand leaves early from flats, anticipating some delay. (My style..:) )
We get to airport at about 9:20 PM.
Anand decides to get his baggage checked in.
Goes through all the security checks and gets his baggage cellophone paper wrapped.
Stands at the Check-in counter.
The check-in person tells him rudely that his is 8 kilos excess. Has to pay 32 rials fine. (32 Rials ~= INR 3600)
He decides against it, and comes outside again.
We try to reduce as much weight as possible.
He goes in again. The whole cycle of security checks and baggage is repeated.
The check-in person declares that he is still 5 kilos excess.
He decides to pay the 20 Rials Fine.
He realises that he does not have enough money to buy other stuff at duty free.
He comes back and collects the money.
The PRO comes 1.5 hours late at 11 PM.
He is a 'fresher' and does not know what is to be done..
Anand explains to him the whole process.
They both are now waiting for their turn at Visa cancellation Point.
Anand wants to give back his Omantel sim to us, so he gives it to PRO, and instructs him to give it to us.
After the PRO sends off Anand, beyond the Visa Cancellation check point, and into the lounge, we see the PRO walking out of the airport.
He does not even bother to stop. He runs across the road and into the parking lot.
We finally call him and tell that we are right behind him.
He turns back and sees us approaching and gives us the Sim.
We wish him good night...

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Of Salaries...

There are only two golden rules, when enquiring about somebody's salary.

1.) Don't ask someone his/her Salary.
2.) Follow Rule 1.

Read on...

When we were small kids, we all have had dreams of earning plenty of money and waving wads of notes, all inspired by Hero, showering his mom or his wife in 'note' rain. We slowly grow and come to realise that the Hero and his mom were nothing but a figment of our over-zealous bollywood film directors' bloated imagination of an Utopian World. And that, by the time, you get to earn such money, you will probably be a grandfather/grandmother.

In college, the thrust was predominantly to get placed. (Atleast in mine..) Hence salary was given the second seat. Get Placed first... rest we can see later... (Advice given by my college seniors and also by my parents/wellwishers/relatives...)
After the placements.. You get placed in a Top class Software Company for a salary of 2.7 Lakhs per annum.

Cost of Bus Fare from Chengalpet to Guindy Campus :- 70 Rupees

Lunch and Dinner on two days at Guindy Campus :- 100 Rupees

Expression on my face when 25 of my
classmates got placed in the same company :- Priceless..

Welcome to the 'Orey Kuttaiyile Oorina Mattaigal' Sangam...

After the placements...Discussion in Canteen...

A: "Machaan, this XYZ company is fu**** company da.."
Me : "Why da ?"
A: "They are offering me only 4 LPA da.."
Me (thinking) "Only 4 LPA hunh ?"
A: "Machaan, what is your salary da ?"

2 years At the workplace....
Sr. Coll. : "I am fed up of this place yaar..."
Me : "Why Sir, What happened"
Sr. Coll. : "They are not giving me onsite"
Me : "But Sir, you were in Muscat for a year ..right ? You came back only last month"
Sr. Coll : "Idiot.. You call Middle East onsite ?"
Sr. Coll. (Thinking) : Wait till your (D)RR form comes to me. Will give you 'Hell-Down-Under' Ratings...
Me (Thinking) : Saala, went to Muscat, and was earning a lakh a month there...
Me : "What will make you stay sir ?"
Sr. Coll : "I want atleast 9 LPA. Come on, I have 3.5 years experience.. I atleast deserve that much...
Me (Gulping and Thinking).. 9 ???
Sr. Coll : "Ah... Hari.. What is your salary ?"

3 years later, during 'Penn-Paarkum-Padalam' (Bride-Seeing-Ritual)
Girl's Father : So what is maapillai (Son-In-Law) doing ?
Boy's Father : He is working in an MNC.
Girl's Father : Velinaadu poitu vanthirukeengala... (Have you been abroad?)
Boy's Sister : 2 years Muscat la irunthirukaan... (Was in Muscat for 2 years)
Girl's Mother : Muscat ellam oru oora.. Europe poittu vanthirukeengala ? (You call Muscat a city ? Have you been to Europe ?)
Girl's Father : Maapilaikku evlo Salary ? (What is the salary of Son-In-Law?)

Another 2 years later, for PreKG Admission,
W : You know how difficult it is to get admission into this school right ?
Me : Yes, Look I came here, because you specifically insisted...
W : Hmmm... Do you have your salary slip ?
Me : What ? Salary Slips ? I have come here for my kid's admission, not for Housing Loan.
W glares at me..
Inside ...
Princi : Sir, your kid is very intelligent. You should be proud of him/her.
We both smile at each other...
Princi : But, we see some data is missing from your application forms. We require some more verification..
Me : As in ??
W looks at me, and cocks her eyebrow...
Princi : Er.. Never mind... What is your salary sir ?


P.S: (Ironically, you are still earning the same salary... LOLzzz...)

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Of Little Boys and Girls...

Shot this at the Al-Qurum Beach....
Thanks to the 'models' !!!

What are little boys made of? Snips and snails,and puppy dog tails,That's what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of ? Of sugar, and spice and . Er.. Never mind.. !!! :)

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39th National Day in Oman...

Been clicking too many pictures during the week end....

Here are the pictures of the 39th National Day in Oman. The fireworks were held at the park near Marah-Land. And thanks to my H10, I've captured it forever, for posterity.

Hope this is good.. !!!

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Conversations - Part 2 ...

My attempt at another conversations.
Many thanks to the cute couple, who posed for me, without their knowledge !!! :)

Here goes...

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2 States - Review

I finished reading Chetan Bhagat's 2 States on Friday night,and am mightily impressed after reading it.

Whether it was the 'Tam-Brahm' thing or the narrative, I do not know, but this one is much much better than his three novels put together. When I first read FPS, I did not have a very high opinion about the book, or about its author. But then I felt my opinion was justfied, after seeing the performance of his other two books, which, according to me, fell, way short of expectations.

The story is pretty much simple. The author picks up from where he left in Five Point Someone. Obviously the professor refuses to give his girl in marriage to the hero, after which, he prepares for CAT and gives IIM a try, and gets IIMA. Here he meets this Tamizh Brahmin Girl, Ananya Swaminathan, the cynosure of all eyes, who eats chicken and drinks beer. He falls for her the first time he sees her, but pretends as if he is not. Ananya tests him and finds him to be in safe zone, who could be just friends with a girl. Krish reluctantly agrees, but finally falls for her. So does she. They both get placed. Ananya gets Chennai, and the other gets Delhi. At the Graduation ceremony there is a face-off between Krish's mom and Ananya's parents. This complicates the situation even more. Krish gets the job at Chennai, as he had planned for, and he lands at Chennai.

This is followed by a Hilarious turn of events, where Krish gets screwed at office and later makes up for it. Krish tries very hard to impress Ananya's parents, and finally wins their love and respect and the girl too. Now the scene shifts to Ananya's travails in Delhi. As the Tam-Brahm tries to get adjusted to Punjabi customs and traditions, and the face-off's with her would-be mother-in-law, a point comes when Ananya and Krish fall out. And throw in the already prevailing cold war between the parents, the situation gets out of control. Krish's father, with whom he hardly talked, and gave scanty respect for the past 20 years, comes to his son's rescue and the marriage takes place in Chennai, in South Indian style.
All's well that Ends well.

Negative 1:- The book is pretty much lopsided towards the Punjabi's.
Negative 2:- Too much stereo-typing about Tamizh Folks. (More on this later)

The auto drivers swear words need not have been published. No Tamilian will like to see words like 'Poo** Oom****' attributed to them. Nor would they like 'Poo** Mav***' ... It is the same like saying, 'Maa Ch**', 'Bahan Ch**', 'La*** ka B***' ... I am sure any self respecting North Indian will take offence to it... Some censorship could have taken place.. Don't tell me, the person who wrote this book, didn't know the meaning of the words... I expect the Editor and proof-reader to check this kind of stuff... Atleast they could have **** the words... Sigh..!!!!

The book has lots of dialogues which stand out as gems,and then there are generalisations... Here are some of my favorite lines in the book

If there is nothing as attractive as a pretty girl, there's nothing as repulsive as a cocky chick.

Pretty Girls, behave best, when you ignore them.

Tamilians love to irritate non-Tamil speakers by speaking only in Tamil in front of them. This isthe only silent rebellion in their otherwise repressed docile personality.

Then this exchange between them.

Nirdosh - Nicotine free cigarettes, I read out the title.
'Who the fuck wants that? I feel like a real smoke', she said. I gave her a dirty look.
'What ? Am I not allowed to use F words? Or is it that I expressed a desire to smoke ?'
'What are you trying to prove?'
'Nothing. I want you to consider the possibility that women are intelligent human beings. And intelligent people, don't like to be told what to wear or do, especially when they are adults. Does that make sense to you ?'
'Don't be over smart,' I said.
'Don't partronise me,'she said.

'Shipra, see this, a gori Madrasin'

There are some generalisations to which I do not agree. But inspite of all the digs that he takes at Tamilians (Me being a South Indian and a Tam-Brahm at that), I do not mind it at all. I feel that this particular stereotyping is good for us (Tamizhans). Atleast it helps us realise, that we have stood the test of time.

Excellent read, if you do not have any preconceived notions about Chetan Bhagat's books. (Note:- I do !!) This is definitely one of Chetan's better creations.

P.S:- Just one Question to Chetan Bhagat. How come all your main characters, get the chance to 'make love' so much early in their relationships and that too in all the odd places ?? :)

FPS :- They do it in the Professor's house.
ONC :- They do it in the Car.
TML :- They do it in the Terrace.

2S :- They do it in IIM-A Dorm ... :)

Lucky Guy(s) ???

P.P.S:- A scanned copy is doing the rounds on the Internet. Check it out, in case you haven't heard of it yet. :P

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Kurbaan - A remake of New York

This one's a damp squib. You'd have almost guessed the story line from the trailer itself. The initial 20 minutes make you feel, as if the story is going to be different, but unfortunately, this isn't the case.

Replace Neil Nitin Mukesh with Vivek Oberoi, John with Saif (I know that's not a valid replacement, anyway..) and Katrina with Kareena... (na se na.. :) ) in New York and viola !! You have the story of Kurbaan. Except that Kareena doesn't die in the end.

What was Karan Johar thinking when he decided to produce the movie, is one question, I would like to ask. I've seen people make a remake of old movies, afresh. I've seen folks, make a movie from another language, after making a number of changes so that the story looks like as if it has been evolved, But .. If Karan Johar thinks he can get away, after making a remake of an already released Hindi movie (That was released earlier in the year) I am sorry to say, KJo, you are mistaken... The movie is not even worth trashing... :(

Nothing Big, Nothing special.. Less Expectations, more better, it would be...
Some love stories have blood on them ? Trust atleast they are not lifted ??!!

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A Slice of Pakistan

P.S (Pre Script) :- This article was initially intended for Muscat Daily. They had promised me that this would be published today. But unfortunately that was not the case, hence posting it in my blog, today....

The other day, a colleague of mine, and me were discussing, about, where to go out for dinner. Dinner in Muscat is a slightly dilemmical question. Well there are restaurants and coffee shops from the Subcontinent, peppered across the city, but only a few live up to the expectations. On that particular day, both of us were not inclined to eat heavily and so the restaurants and hangouts where we usually have our dinners were ruled out. We decided to walk up to Rex Road, (from Ruwi Clock Tower) to see, if we could find something interesting.

It was then it struck me, that there was a Pakistani restaurant, right opposite City Cinema. Well, to tell the truth, I always have had the temptation to go in check out their Poori-Chana but could never find a proper occasion. Well looks like today was that day. I had company too..! Hence, we walked all the way up to City cinema. As we entered the restaurant, the smell of Poori's being fried in hot oil made our mouths water. Hence my friend ordered a Poori-Chana, and I ordered a Samosa Chaat. Both were pretty good, with the Poori being served piping hot. It was actually delicious. Though the Poori's were very oily, we didn't complain, as we usually indulge ourselves, only (at least) once a week.

I had actually made up my mind to have their hot jilebis, for I had tasted them once previously and fell in love with them. Trust me when I say this, once you have a taste of their jilebis, you'll kill to have more.. They make the best jilebis that I've ever tasted. We were actually tempted to try it out. But fate had it otherwise, for a couple of gentlemen, sitting adjacent to us were eating something out of a glass bowl, and we asked our host, what it was. He replied it was Doodh Jilebi. My friend was eager to taste it, hence we ordered it. It was too good. In fact, I was glad that we ordered it, for otherwise, I would have regretted it. My friend cannot do without buttermilk, so a Sweet Lassi was a take-away. All this for just 800Bz!!

The ambience is different. When you say, it is a Pakistani Restaurant, almost all of us, will have some sort of a preconceived notion about it. Well, this place defies all notions. It is really very different. The folks who serve you are courteous, though we should not have very high expectations. There is music being played, albeit, slightly loud. Folks sit in small pockets, the atmosphere bubbles with activity and throw in the smell of Poori being fried wafting across the room to you, it makes you feel as if you are sitting in a typical canteen back home. Overall a nice and pleasant experience, if you are the sort of person, who is willing to experiment with food and are open to 'testing and tasting' various genres of food.

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Of Quizzes, Answers and Destiny ... Part 1

Well, I guess, the above picture describes the life I've led at school.
The story I am going to tell, is a pretty strange and funny one. With lot's of ego and chauvinism thrown in. To tell the truth, nobody knows this story till date, and I am making it public for literally the first time. (Well, I've already drafted this particular story in my 'Memoirs', though, If I find this version to be worded nicely, I might take this).

So.. Here it goes...

1998 :- There was a science quiz organised by the teachers. The purpose of the quiz was to identify some team members who will go on a science march as representatives of the school science club and then collect the prize from the then Education Minister of the State, Dr. Anbazhagan. Well, none of us, knew the whole story. All we knew was that this was a quiz, that interested folks can attend.

As was our 'friendship' during those days, V and myself readied ourselves for the quiz. In a couple of minutes, all the 'stalwarts' of 8th standard joined us. For me, being the newcomer, it was a slightly nervous time. No.. !! I was not scared of the quiz. I am never scared of them.. I was nervous about proving myself. I had to prove a point. And no matter how close friends V and me were, there was always this academic divide between us. I was after-all, just a new comer...

As our destiny would have it... V and myself were asked to sit on different benches, away from each other. I was asked to sit on the first bench. There was another guy sitting next to me and then there was M sitting next to him, all of us on the same bench. I did not know who this M was, and neither was I interested in knowing.
I was out there to prove a point, wasn't I ?

The quiz started, and I started answering all the questions, one by one, as Dhanlakshmi ma'm started reading out the questions. Then it happened.

The question :-

"How many vertebrae does the human body have ?"

Now, this was a tricky question for me. I got blanked out completely for this one. Trust me, when I say this, but suddenly everything fell silent for me. I couldn't comprehend anything. Then as it came, it passed away. I began hearing the noises around me. The guy sitting next to me whispered,

"Why are you not writing the answer ?"

"I don't know..!!" I whispered back.

"Look, 33 is the answer."

"How sure are you ?"

"M has written it. If he has written it, it must be right".

And so my dear friends, I wrote that answer.
(I still do not know, whether M knows of this fact or not. )

Till date, I do not know, and I do not want to know, what I've done is right or wrong. But that one answer, literally changed my life at my school.

One week after the quiz, Dhanalakshmi Ma'm called up M, V and myself to her room to give us a briefing. She mentioned that V lost out to us by 1 Question, and that M and myself were tied at the same score. V was terribly disappointed at the fact that he lost out. But he actually had faith in my abilities. He did not like M that much and was now actually happy that he was going to witness some real battle. I looked at M's face, and he looked at mine, and we both smiled a sheepish smile. Ma'm said, that she will hold our tie-breaker that afternoon. But I guess, Dhanlakshmi Ma'm was already impressed by what she saw. Here is a new comer, hardly 1 month into academics, and joining the school after Quarterly, out there to prove a point.

That afternoon, was another decisive moment in my life. As M and I took a stance on the balcony to write down our answers, it was evident from the first question, that I held the cards. M didn't know the answer for 3 of the 5 questions, and I guess I answered 4 correctly. The quiz's lone spectator was V. And he was of the opinion that I won, because, M's body language gave him away. He was more depressed than usual that afternoon, and I guess, it would have been perhaps at his lowest, in the evening when the results were announced.

Yes !!! I was selected, to collect the prize on behalf of the school's science club.
Trust me folks, if it wasn't for that particular quiz, I would have been nowhere in school. I did get a lot of opportunities later in my school life, but they were all, built upon the trust and image that I had, with my teachers, especially Dhanalakshmi ma'm. And no, I did not/do not hold any grudges against M, even inspite of the fact that he went around spreading rumours about me. (BTW, he still does it ..)
I just want to tell him one line.. (Pun intended) "Grow up Buddy.."

P.S:- That the minister never arrived for the meeting is altogether another story ! and a pretty interesting one at that.. !! :) Some other day.. probably...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 by Hari
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Of Nostalgia and Amusement Parks ...

Some three weeks back, I had gone to Marah-Land and I loved the experience. It brought back to my memory, many episodes in my life, which though not so pleasant, were refreshing...

That day in Marah Land.

Myself and S had gone to Marah-Land and the moment I saw 'Ranger' I was in love again... :) This piece of amusement part equipment, is, according to me, the best ever. It consists of a pendulum like structure, that has seating arrangements on both sides of the pendulum. It swings to and fro.. and slowly swings right up to the point, where you are literally hanging upside down. Then the ride goes reverse, i.e. if you made it to the top clockwise, for you the ride will now go counterclockwise...
Trust me, this ride's a beauty. If you really crave for some sort of mini adventure, I seriously recommend this ride to you.

That day in MGM.

The story goes back 8 years. When we were in +2 and the school organised an Amusement park trip. I went in this ride, and in the words of my fellow traveller...
" This ride taught me one thing... Your life is not in your hands.. You just have to let go and enjoy life as it comes... "

I thought this was very philosophical at that point of time.. I now find that to be true...

Really nostalgic... Would love to do it again...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 by Hari
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50 Days more...

Just less than 50 days more to go !!!
Wow !!

by Hari
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Of Lost and Found (Diaries)...

Read my post here before proceeding to read further.

I had rued over the fact that the diary which I had held close to my heart, is now missing. Well, it seems like it is not lost after-all. It was in the possession of 'A', who had taken it to read. Well, looks like he/she completely forgot about it, when I asked. Well, no regrets at all.. As long as the diary is safe and sound...

Nobody has any idea, how close that diary is, to my heart. It contains the happiest memories of my school life or rather the memories of incidents which kept me happy, which are actually very very few. Those make believe stories and translations are not merely words, but they actually define a life for me. If it wasn't for those stories and memories, I would be a dead man, long ago... It is those memories that have been driving me all these years, though bad times and good times as well.

I am waiting for the day, when I can lay my hands on my diary again...
That day shall soon come...

by Hari
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Conversations ...

Got this as a forward... Interesting...

P.S: Though it reminds me a lot of my conversations with my BFF. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009 by Hari
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Of Reality Shows and their hosts...

Yesterday, (by chance) I happened to switch channels across to Roadies 7 audition. Now this is something that I rarely do, but since auditions are usually interesting with a lot of people from diverse backgrounds... I decided to give it a thought. Well, that's perhaps the biggest mistake that I made...

There comes this beautiful girl, a wannabe fashion designer.. and trust me, the way she got treated, made me feel ashamed, of myself, and of me, watching MTV. A$$#oles... don't you have any shame/remorse/guilt in showing these things on T.V. You think, people love it.. Trust me, I would love to see the day, when MTV packs up completely.. It's stocks crumble and its Managing Director and CEO no longer find the venture profitable... WTF ??

You call in a person (a lady at that) for an audition for roadies, and you comment on her clothing... that's acceptable... Your excuse would be that you are testing her for the sarcastic comments that folks will pass on her in the show... but if you tell the girl...

"I don't think you are fit to be a fashion designer.."
"I think your clothing quotient is 0"
"I think you should not be wasting your parents money on Fashion courses"

You must look at the resigned look on the contestant's face..
Then I'm sorry to say.. to all the three folks... out there... Nikhil Chinnappa... Cyrus Broacha, and Cyrus Sahukar, you are actually wasting MTV's money out there.. This might be a short term gain..
"Jitna Maarna hai, Maar lena..Uske baad tum logon ki to zaroor phategi.."

Buddies, it is their life, their ambition. Something that they have wanted to do, all their life... You simply can't trash it like that... You may be saying, it is just for fun, well the fun is no longer funny...

And A lot of folks out there must be saying, who's forcing you to watch this show.. Well nobody is.. But if you can justify the trashing of someone's dreams like this.. in any show for that matter... be my guest...

And of course..., this one's straight from the heart for Nikhil Chinnappa... Yes, the 'so-called' DJ from Bangalore...

What were you doing Nikhil ? Were you not struggling for chances in the early 1990's... Were you not trying to be at the top of a field, whose bottom nobody knew... ? And now.. 13 years later.. you are the host of a show, and you have forgotten everything ?
"Wah ji.. Maan gaye...." Frankly speaking, having those geeky glasses, or marrying someone from the same company where you work does not make you a 'love guru'... And what was the part where you are telling the Paji who came for audition, "You are a loser ?" I felt like saying.. "Look who's talking ..." Thought you were getting sensitive eh ? I felt puking when you said it... Would have looked good even if Sahukar had said it... And yes... Having a couple of controversies that say "Nikhil refuses to comment on sexual favors in Splitsvilla" does not do your so called image any good... And what was this part where you acted in two movies.. Really.. which ones... I am sure, they would have been super-duper hits... Would love to see you reduce the hosting of reality shows and concentrate more on acting.. Atleast the television viewers will have some respite...

P.S :- All my friends say, that I actually reduce the intensity of the content when I write... That's usually true, as I try to present it as neatly as possible, with a preferred format.. that is usually my own... So if you think this post is rude and harsh... trust me... this is only 1% of the actual content...

P.P.S :- The trashing will continue...

Friday, November 13, 2009 by Hari
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Hakuna Matata !!!

Pictures shot by Abdullah, ( a staff in the Bank, where I work), in Tanzania. I loved the pictures. Presenting it to the world.. !! :)

Thanks Abdullah !!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 by Hari
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Of Orkut and Unspoken Words ...

Yesterday I had the below statement as my Orkut Fortune :-

"Why don't you send a scrap today to someone you haven't spoken to in years?"

This line stirred up a lot of emotions in me, love, longing, hatred, anger, disappointment, though not necessarily in the same proportions. There are many people, with whom I haven't spoken to in years. Some, I've chosen not to, Some, though I am inclined to, it is at their behest I haven't spoken. And some, because we have mutual feelings, though not always love.

Here goes the list of my top 5:-

#5 - This bespectacled guy was perhaps the brainiest of the guys in my class. I adored him, though he never knew, and I never bothered to show. He mixed with guys whom I actually didn't like, hence he ended up losing my respect. Frankly speaking, he had and still has a lot of grudges on me. I have, according to him, taken away a number of chances, that he deserved. Namely one such incident is, when both of us got an opportunity to see the President of India, and he was sent back, as I had come. He cried that day, all the way to his home. But trust me, I had no hand in this. Me consoling him, will only fuel to the fire. There are a number of other incidents, but right now, these will suffice. He is on orkut and and on my gtalk, but I haven't chatted with him in years. When he sent a friend request on orkut, I added him as an acquaintance, not even as a classmate.

#4 - This bespectacled girl, was a true gem, and I liked her from the beginning. But she was more like 'I don't give a damn about you', and hence, she lost my respect. She was studious, and arrogant, and 'my type', but unfortunately we couldn't stand each other. I remember, she having insulted me, for supposedly making a comment about her, when in fact, it was one of her friends, who made that comment. She defended that friend of hers, and gave me a dressing down, and I decided to have my vengeance. And vengeance, I did get. Oh Yes !! In style. When things were not so rosy for her, and she was being questioned for an offence,which was done in jest, but taken very seriously by the staff, I had all the freedom in the world, to get up and fight for her. But I didn't. She cried, and I felt that I've had my revenge. At that time, it felt like seventh heaven. Haven't spoken to her properly in years. She still avoids me, and I have no regrets at that.

#3 - This was another bespectacled girl from college. She once spoke up during one of the soft skills sessions and I literally fell for her. She was again 'my type'. :). Nothing personal though. She came really really close to becoming my second best friend.. (Yes !!!.. My BFF, if you are reading this... ) But then, this silly girl's friends, began to tease her with me, leading to am embarassing situation for her. She began to avoid me slowly, on the pretext that her friends didn't approve of our friendship. I felt very awkward, as usually I was the one, who never went into odd relationships. I chose my 'friends' with a lot of caution. Finally one day, she called me up to say, that she does not want to talk to me again. It's been close to 6 years since she's spoken with me. And I still feel bad, that maybe I ruined this relationship.

#2 - Again another semi-bespectacled girl from my school.(I seem to be liking all bespectacled people :) ) To tell the truth, she was my first crush. I guess I was her crush too. Years later, when we met in the same company, we were both thrilled to be in each other's company. I came to realise that she was suffering from a break-up and gave her all the support that she required. After some days, she thought (and I completely agree with her thought, as it would have looked that way, for any other girl in her position), that I was trying to hook up with her, and gave me a dressing down, though in reality, I was just trying to help her cross the Rubicon. I was trying to get her self-confidence back on track but instead, I got looked down upon as scum of the earth. Absolutely no regrets about what she thought about me. This was one relationship, that went bad.

#1 - This was a bespectacled boy. From the same school, we studied in the same college, We joined the same company, Went to the same training location, Got posted to the same Development centre, and sat two cubicles away from each other. We sat in the same bench in school. Sat next to each other in college. Our roll-numbers were in succession. I literally considered him to be my big-brother. Then what happened ? What went wrong? Trust. I trusted him blindly. I thought, I was his best friend, I held him in high respect. He was like my role-model. My Icon, and he betrayed me. Betrayal is a strong word, yet I am willing to use it. what he did was equivalent to a betrayal for me. Been more than 4 years since we spoke to each other.. No regrets.

There goes my list of top 5.
What's yours.. :) :D

P.S:- Feels like a big load has gotten off my shoulders.. though there is nothing in reality like that...

by Hari
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56 Days more to go

by Hari
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'What Ever You are Into' - Kevin Abdulrahman - A Book Review

I got to see a preview of the book, "WHAT EVER YOU ARE INTO" by
Kevin Abdulrahman 'The Man Inspiring Millions'.

Kevin had mailed me asking me for a testimonial and a review after looking at my blog, and I felt that this was a rare honor and a privilege.

Yes, I finished the book !!! In three hours flat !! :)

And it Rocks .. !!!! I place it right in the ranks of Maktub, and Atlas Shrugged - Some of my favorite books. The books's organisation is simple and easy to read.

What ever you are into is actually a wake up call for all those people, who have a winner sleeping within them. It is the right time, to tap your potential and make it big in life.

The book is divided into 52 chapters. One chapter for every week. All you have to do, is to practice one chapter every week, continuously and cumulatively, so that at the end of the year, you are actually bubbling with enthusiasm and go-getter attitude.

Some of my favorite chapters are,

Rule#06 - Fuel the fire,
Rule#13 - You Better Believe it !!
Rule#14 - Everything you do has a price
Rule#15 - Go with your gut feel
Rule#31 - Choose the right station
Rule#34 - Go to the Edge and Push.
Rule#40 - Choose your meanings. (My favorite chapter in the book !! :) )
Rule#41 - One Blink is all it takes.
Rule#52 - A Box Office Hit.

The book has wonderful quotes and each one is riveting ... I am quoting some here..
I hope Kevin doesn't mind !!!

Responsibility and ownership are two words most people shy away from. They are hard enough to digest, and even harder to perform.

The point is, you don’t need to know everything before starting to make a move. If you have a strong why, the how will appear

Only because a few people don’t share your views about something, doesn’t mean that your idea has no value. All it takes is for one person to see it, and that person is You....Always remember that what is being rejected is your idea or your offering, not you. Rejection stems from other peoples limitations, beliefs, fears and different perspective on things

The biggest game you will ever play is the game in your mind.

Become the person you inspire to be, do what they would do, and then you will have what they have.

You will never tend get the full picture of any situation and you are constantly required to make the best decisions moving forward with the information you get and see. Knowing this then, it is always to look at the brighter side of any event until one gathers all the information there is. You choose the meaning you attach to an event. If something upsets you, makes you angry, overwhelmed or filled with anxiety, ask yourself, ‘what meaning am I choosing to give that event’? More importantly ‘why am I choosing to give that meaning’? What other meanings could you attach to it? Could you attach a positive meaning? Or a meaning that will be neutral. You always can.

Some points for improvements would be,

#1 :- More examples will do the book wonders.
#2 :- A slightly 'more' informal text will help reach out to more people
#3 :- Would love to see some tips for people suffering from depression and abuse.

This book still rocks, inspite of all its drawbacks..

This Man is here to stay !!!!!

by Hari
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Top 3 reasons, why I am pissed off at my current seat !!!!

We recently moved out from a very comfortable place in the first floor of the bank to an adjacent building's mezzanine floor, and to say the least, the place sucks..

Here are the top three reasons

#3 :- Absolutely no privacy, with a private eye (read camera) right above my head, monitoring my 'monitor'.

#2 :- All conversations can be heard by everyone in the floor/division. Hence that leaves no space for jokes/private conversations/conversations in mother tongue.

#1 :- The f***** pantry is only 5' 10" .. forcing me to bend my neck whenever I enter it. Similar case with the rest room also...

This bank seriously suckzzzz... !!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 by Hari
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Ippadiyum Oruvan !!!!

Got this in mail...
Hilarious and ROTFLOL.. !!!!

Phone ringing in commissioner office....
CM: "Mr. I.G.R Marrar... Nan solradha konjam gavanama kelunga. I am sure you are aware of the power of the state of the terror cinema. Vijay padam nu solluvanga. Avaru nadicha vettaikaran terror cinema unga city la 5 edathula release aagapogudhu. There will be many explosions in your city. bye..."
Marrar: "Hello... Hello..."
the line went dead...
Asst: "Romba short call sir. trace panna mudiyala."
Marrar: "Adutha call varumbodhu adha try seidhae aaganum. No more excuses."

Phone ringing...
Marrar: "5 kuthu pattu, 4 fight, konjam sentiment scene. Enda kupanum suppanum ippadi oru padam eduka mudiyum."
CM: "Mr.IGR.Marrar commanding areala irukara theater la pazaya vijay movie,villu, oodikitu iruku. Innum 20 mins la show mudiya pogudu. Mudinja pooi paam paakaravangala kaapathikanga. "
Marrar: "hello... hello..."
the line went dead...
Marrar: "Emergenecy. Enda theater la vijay padam oodikitu iruko anga security tight pannunga."
"Yes, sir."

Phone ringing in reporter's desk...
CM:"Hello Ms.Natasha Rajkumar. This is going to be an important day in your life."
Natasha: "Dei, kural maathi pesina adayalam theriyadhu nu nenachutiya? "
CM: "Naan unga aal illa. Nan solrada gavanama kelunga. go to satyam theater with you VC innum 20 minutes la. This is live and this is life."
Natasha: "hello... hello...."
line went dead.

Cops rushed to Satyam theater..
The people inside the theater watching the show were struggling to breathe and live.
cop takes his walkie-talkie: "Sir, the situation is worse. we don't know how to bring them back alive."
Marrar phone ringing...
CM: "Endha oru kuppanalayum suppanalayum ippadi oru cinema eduka mudiyuma Mr.Marrar? Ippovavadhu serious huh irukengala?"
cop:"Sir, innum 3 mins la movie mudiya pogudu. Mudinja atthana perums sethuduvanga nu nenaikiraen. "
CM: "Eppadi kapathanum nu sollava?"
Marar: "Please, tell us."
CM: "Goto operator room and cut the wire to projector."
Marar: "Meduva sollunga."
CM:"Meduvava? Operator... room... ku poi... projector... wire ... huh ... cut panunga..."
Marar: "goto operator room and cut the wire to projector."
Cop: "yes sir."
Line went dead...

3 PM:
Phone ringing...
CM: "Hello Mr. Marrar. Neenga pathadu sample daan. his old movie. Ippo varapora vettaikaran ada vida bayangaramanadhu. ATM, Kuruvi, Villu lam vida bayangaramanadhu. Listen to me. DOn't waste time. You don't have it. Naan solrada seyinga."
Marrar: "Enna seya solra?"
CM:"Sivakasi, villu, kuruvi, ATM, inda movie ella printayum eduthukitu sozavaram airport ku vanga. Send just 2 cops with that.That cop should have phone with conferencing facility. I need a huge landing space. Police vedavaigaloda ennikaya adiga paduthamatenga nu nambaren. I want all the copies exactly by 5 PM. "
The call ended.
Marrar: "Collect all the movies and put it in a safe truck and take it to Sozavaram airport as he said."
Cop: "Sir, they are very dangerous."
Marrar: "I know. But inda movies laam ippo vitutu appuram eduthkalaam. .. Tamil or Telugu. begin the operation now."
"Yes sir."

4 PM:
Natasha mobile ringing:
CM:"Hello Ms. Natasha. Somehting is waiting for you in sozavaram airport. Be there at 5 PM"
The line went dead.

5 PM:
Phone ringing...
CM: "Mr.Marrar, andha tanker huh anga irukara mark la vitutu 100 feet thalli poga sollunga unga cops huh... Conference call la on pannunga."
Marrar: "Do as he instruct."
cop1: "I'll take villu box with me. I need it. We can give other movies."
Cop2: "You are disobeying. Put it there."
Cop1: "No..."
Cop: "Something unusual has happened. He didn't get the movies to save. He destroyed all the three movies"
Marrar: "You mean all the four?"
Cop1: "No. I withheld villu with me."
CM: "Thappu paneteenga Mr.Harrif. Adnayum neenga anga vaechurukanum. erinju poirukum."
Marrar:"Nee enna Thala fan huh, Vijay padam laam azikara?"
CM: "Viajy padam pudikalaena Thala fan huh daan irukanuma? Vikram fan huh iruka koodada. Surya fan? Kamal fan? Ivangalukellam ivan padatha patha kovame varada? I am just a stupid common man Mr.Marrar. Harrif, irukara anda oru padatha azichudunga. Ada vella vitta ada paathu innum neraya per padam eduka aaramichuduvanga. .. Naan oru tamil cinema fan huh solren, please destroy it. Its in your hand now."
Marrar: "Nee ippadi verythanama nadanduka karanam enna? Un kudubathla yaravadu vijay padam paathu sethupoitangala? "
CM: "Neenga kaetenga garathukaga solren. 14 year old. We are adults Mr. Marrar. Neenga police vera. Neraya indamari pathurupeenga. andha 14 year old buffalo kuruvi poster huh saaputu angayae sethu poochu. Inda paathu kanner vida andu en veetu buffalo va irukanumnu avasiyamilla. Pakathu veetu erumaya irunda azuga varada Mr.Marrar? harrif, please anda padathoda ella copy ya yum koluthidunga. Anda mari padangal tamil la vandada thadayame iruka koodadhu. Please..."
Harrif Burned all the copies.

CM: "Neenga bayapadara mari vettaikaran movie huh naan release panala inda diwali ku."
Marrar: "I hope so."
CM: "As a common man i now tell you, Antha padappottiyellam theeyila pottu eringa."

Ha Ha ha !!!!

Semmma ... !!!

Again as CM says... :- I need not be a thala fan.. :)

by Hari
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K.M Trading Sucks !!!!

Went to K.M Trading in Ruwi yesterday.
My friend found a set of 4 porcelain glasses, with a stainless steel stand, to be attractive and wanted to buy it. But unfortunately neither was a price tag present on the cup-set nor was there any salesman present in the vicinity. So we went to the billing counter.

That guy took us for a couple of rounds and told us that it cost 2.9OMR.
It took us about 10 minutes to find a salesman for that section, so that we can get a box for the cups.
After he came, he took about 20 minutes searching for a box. No avail. Then he offered to package in another box, which we half heartedly accepted.

Are K.M Trading folks so lethargic/careless that they don't remember where they kept their goods ?? forget goods, atleast their cases ??

Buddies wake up !!! Else, you will end up being like Saravana Stores. And no, this is no compliment !!! Take it as an offence...
I don't think I will ever come back to K.M Trading...

by Hari
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Peranmai - A Valiant effort !!

Watched Peranmai yesterday and was spell bound. The movie is very good and well taken highlighting the caste system in place in the country. Excellent effort from Jayam Ravi.
Kudos.. !!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009 by Hari
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59 Days more to go ..

by Hari
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Kanden Kathalai - a Spoof of Jab We Met ???

Folks, I had a whale of a time, watching Kanden Kathalai Yesterday. Trust me, this is a very good example of how a good story can be shot in two completely contrasting ways.

If you ask me, how much of JWM is captured in KK, I would say, hardly 5%.

First of all, a knock on the head (thalaila kuttu) for the costumer designer - Buddy, Tamanna need not dress entirely like Kareena Kapoor... It looks sooooooooooooooooo artificial. Most of the scenes are taken 'ee - adichaan - copy'. It's a shame that, folks who are taking such a good movie's remake, hardly pay attention to nitty gritties.

Only solace in the film is Santhanam, whose comedy borders on the crass, but is still adjustable. Some genuine humor is there, which is slightly comforting..

Highlight comedy scenes, that were supposed to be Serious :-

The Meeting with board members, where Bharath is supposed to sound ethusiastic, he sounds as if he has eaten Lala kadai Halwa ... And then the wonderful example he gives...

"Namma kitta oru Apple irruku, atha pazhamavum paarkalam, illana, marathukku vethayavum paarkalam.."

Dai.. Gonkkamakka, Did I come to the theatre, to listen to you take Botany class ??

Dude, you could have been yourself.. Why copy when you can act ?? Frankly speaking, you looked like a joker rather than a entrepreneur/industrialist.

I am actually surprised that why actors don't have a say in the dialogues. Dialogues can make or mar a scene..and still folks still keep spoiling it ...

Edit:- Sorry forgot to add this hilariously funny portion ..

Anjali Talking Card ??? Pesu Kanna Pesu, SMS Pannikittae Pesu..
This doesn't sound like a Calling Card Tag line... it sounds more like 'Prevent Sexual Diseases.. Use Condoms' kind of ad.. Am sorry to be so crass.. But it is even worse on screen..

I wish they had used - Anjali - Sundali Ozhippu Mathirai ..

Just because the original has Geet.. Does not necessarily mean, that you have to have a similar sequence in the movie...

Absolutely no naturality in Tamanna's acting. BTW, inserting Dinakaran's advertisement in Tamanna's dialogues,was Romba Over.. There are only a couple of scenes in which she truly stands out. Rest all, are damp squib.

None of the songs manage to sustain attention. Comparing Nagada and Kokku Kokku, I was ROTFLOL ... In fact, I was like WTF ....

Climax is another damp squib ....

I am not against remakes, but I believe that the flavor of the original should be retained or else, completely changed. It makes no sense or common sense to make a mediocre remake... It really sucks... !!!!!

Requesting filmmakers to be more sane and make movies with a sense of dedication...

Not worth a watch ... !!!!

Seeders of Jagan Mohini, please have some mercy on me.. I've uploaded more than what I've downloaded... Please seed... I need another 140 MB to see my Namitha.. :) :D

Sunday, November 8, 2009 by Hari
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