Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani - Movie Review ..

Watched Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani, yesterday at Star Cinema, One full day, before the movie, officially releases in India. Here goes the review...

APKGK is as cliche'd as 'Bollywood' cinema can get. Had very high expectations from the trailer, but I guess, I judged the book by its cover :(

Thoroughly disappointing fare.

The story line is very very simple. It is the same story that we have been seeing for scores of decades. Hence, not mentioning it.

E.g: - "Maa, tum kitni achi ho ?"
"Maa, tum Khush ho na ? Tum Khush, toh main bhi Khush..."
"Mujhe 10 Khokha dede .. varna Main tumhare bete ko kidnap karne wala hoon.. "
"Koi Mujhe Bachao "

Guys.. we are living in 2009.. not in 1989... If this movie was released in 1990, I am sure, it would have been a super - duper hit... Unfortunately, that is not the case...
.. and what's with the so called funny action sequences, they hardly seem to tickle anybody.. But one thing, I must really appreciate is that there is no crass/gross scenes, justified as 'comedy'. It is there with the flow.. and pretty good..

The songs are too good... I wonder why they hadn't capitalised on them... ??
They have been nicely picturised too. Wonder what's with Ranbir and Sets ? Well, the place where this story takes place is Ooty and most of the places look so so artificial.. !!! Katrina's proved once again, that she is not there, just for eye-candy... Good acting.. I seem to be liking her more and more, after every movie...

Overall, Simply not worth the effort...

Bottom line :- Oonchi Dukaan... Feeka Pakwaan....

Friday, November 6, 2009 by Hari
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