Inside Facebook - Life, Work and Visions of Facebook - Karel Baloun - Review

First of all, Let me clarify something. This is a book review. One that is totally unbiased and truthful, and also one that I am posting, after a long time. I do not have a soft corner for Facebook. And No !, I have not changed my mind. Facebook, is still a waste of time....

Now for the review.

The book starts with a seemingly non-descript chapter describing the life of a YoPo. 'Young Professional' for the uninitiated. It was just as I had expected.

"How You Can Find Your Startup Dream" - chapter is really thought provoking, and very meaningful. "You Really Can Achieve Anything" chapter describes, how dreams can be brought to life, and later crown your life.

There are a number of aspects that the book covers. One's that are very useful, especially for entrepreneurs. Very elaborate, inspiring and at the same time, laced with the bitter truth.

The chapter titled, "The Future of Social Networking" is an eye-opening one. Especially,when Karel mentions the 'n' number of startups and websites I've never heard before. Ignorance is Sin. :(

Great information there...!!!!

My favorite chapter is the chapter titled "Your Future", especially for its motivating lines.

The world is waiting for your inventions. It may be distracted looking at all the hot guys and girls wherever they happen to be, but, seriously, it is waiting for you. It will respond if you can break through that noise.

I said that you can do anything, not everything. And I said you.
Yes, you. Everyone. Each of us.

Great Read.. Must Read if you are a entrepreneur or a 'Wanna-Be-A-Startup-Founder' ...

Monday, November 2, 2009 by Hari
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