Kanden Kathalai - a Spoof of Jab We Met ???

Folks, I had a whale of a time, watching Kanden Kathalai Yesterday. Trust me, this is a very good example of how a good story can be shot in two completely contrasting ways.

If you ask me, how much of JWM is captured in KK, I would say, hardly 5%.

First of all, a knock on the head (thalaila kuttu) for the costumer designer - Buddy, Tamanna need not dress entirely like Kareena Kapoor... It looks sooooooooooooooooo artificial. Most of the scenes are taken 'ee - adichaan - copy'. It's a shame that, folks who are taking such a good movie's remake, hardly pay attention to nitty gritties.

Only solace in the film is Santhanam, whose comedy borders on the crass, but is still adjustable. Some genuine humor is there, which is slightly comforting..

Highlight comedy scenes, that were supposed to be Serious :-

The Meeting with board members, where Bharath is supposed to sound ethusiastic, he sounds as if he has eaten Lala kadai Halwa ... And then the wonderful example he gives...

"Namma kitta oru Apple irruku, atha pazhamavum paarkalam, illana, marathukku vethayavum paarkalam.."

Dai.. Gonkkamakka, Did I come to the theatre, to listen to you take Botany class ??

Dude, you could have been yourself.. Why copy when you can act ?? Frankly speaking, you looked like a joker rather than a entrepreneur/industrialist.

I am actually surprised that why actors don't have a say in the dialogues. Dialogues can make or mar a scene..and still folks still keep spoiling it ...

Edit:- Sorry forgot to add this hilariously funny portion ..

Anjali Talking Card ??? Pesu Kanna Pesu, SMS Pannikittae Pesu..
This doesn't sound like a Calling Card Tag line... it sounds more like 'Prevent Sexual Diseases.. Use Condoms' kind of ad.. Am sorry to be so crass.. But it is even worse on screen..

I wish they had used - Anjali - Sundali Ozhippu Mathirai ..

Just because the original has Geet.. Does not necessarily mean, that you have to have a similar sequence in the movie...

Absolutely no naturality in Tamanna's acting. BTW, inserting Dinakaran's advertisement in Tamanna's dialogues,was Romba Over.. There are only a couple of scenes in which she truly stands out. Rest all, are damp squib.

None of the songs manage to sustain attention. Comparing Nagada and Kokku Kokku, I was ROTFLOL ... In fact, I was like WTF ....

Climax is another damp squib ....

I am not against remakes, but I believe that the flavor of the original should be retained or else, completely changed. It makes no sense or common sense to make a mediocre remake... It really sucks... !!!!!

Requesting filmmakers to be more sane and make movies with a sense of dedication...

Not worth a watch ... !!!!

Seeders of Jagan Mohini, please have some mercy on me.. I've uploaded more than what I've downloaded... Please seed... I need another 140 MB to see my Namitha.. :) :D

Sunday, November 8, 2009 by Hari
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  1. You will never like a remake, if you have watched the original. There is nothing wrong in remaking a film. The audience for a remake is different. It is for the audience who didn't get to see the original. This movie is for people who don't watch hindi movies.

    Ghajini is the only remake which I liked more than the original in recent memory.

  2. Dear Anand,

    I beg to differ. Have you seen Maine Pyaar Kiya ? Well that's the original. And the remake of the original is "Nuvvu Vasthavante, Nenu Othuntana" which was a super duper hit. Though the story line was the same, the treatment was different and so was the style. The same movie was remade in Tamizh as "Something Something Unakkum Enakkum", which bombed....

    Moral of the story :- Make Remakes, but also please make them watchable...

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