Kurbaan - A remake of New York

This one's a damp squib. You'd have almost guessed the story line from the trailer itself. The initial 20 minutes make you feel, as if the story is going to be different, but unfortunately, this isn't the case.

Replace Neil Nitin Mukesh with Vivek Oberoi, John with Saif (I know that's not a valid replacement, anyway..) and Katrina with Kareena... (na se na.. :) ) in New York and viola !! You have the story of Kurbaan. Except that Kareena doesn't die in the end.

What was Karan Johar thinking when he decided to produce the movie, is one question, I would like to ask. I've seen people make a remake of old movies, afresh. I've seen folks, make a movie from another language, after making a number of changes so that the story looks like as if it has been evolved, But .. If Karan Johar thinks he can get away, after making a remake of an already released Hindi movie (That was released earlier in the year) I am sorry to say, KJo, you are mistaken... The movie is not even worth trashing... :(

Nothing Big, Nothing special.. Less Expectations, more better, it would be...
Some love stories have blood on them ? Trust atleast they are not lifted ??!!

Friday, November 20, 2009 by Hari
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  1. Really strange that you hv "nothing" to say about Kareena ... :-))

  2. What is there to say ?
    All she has to do is to look pretty initially, then look shocked when she finds that her man is on the wrong path and then cry at the end...

    Nothing worth saying ...

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