My First Panoramic Photograph !!!

My first Panoramic view... Edited with Pixtra.. so the Pixtra Watermark is all over the place.. Looking for some really good freeware that does this kind of Panoramas.. Any pointers anyone ??

This is the Nizwa Fort, clicked with my Sony H10, during my recent trip to Nizwa.
5 Photos panoramically aligned to get the 290+ degrees view..
Please click on the Photo, to see a bigger and better version of the Photograph. The original photo is 2.2 MB in size.

Comments are welcome...

Sunday, November 29, 2009 by Hari
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Comments (5)

  1. Great work da.. :) u r improving ur photographic skills.. gud goin... :P

  2. Thanks da.... :) More to come ... Just awaiting a proper freeware to stitch photos together...

  3. how did u acheive this?? with that same old sony??

  4. camera.. but the software is from windows. Windows live has this amazing photo gallery...

    select, create panaromic photo..and it does the rest for u.. simple...
    Download the windows live agent.. it will install the software for u.. some 22MB totally... Absolutely worth it..

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