Of Farewells and Last Minute Drama..

So Finally Finally Finally Anand has left Muscat.

Poor chap, he had been asking for a release since January.... He came for implementation, got caught in support and was nearly stranded.. Anyway, glad that he could make it to India... :)
(I know that sounds so depressing.. But then that is the truth...We are all stuck here.. :P)

And what drama it was at the airport !!!

Anand leaves early from flats, anticipating some delay. (My style..:) )
We get to airport at about 9:20 PM.
Anand decides to get his baggage checked in.
Goes through all the security checks and gets his baggage cellophone paper wrapped.
Stands at the Check-in counter.
The check-in person tells him rudely that his is 8 kilos excess. Has to pay 32 rials fine. (32 Rials ~= INR 3600)
He decides against it, and comes outside again.
We try to reduce as much weight as possible.
He goes in again. The whole cycle of security checks and baggage is repeated.
The check-in person declares that he is still 5 kilos excess.
He decides to pay the 20 Rials Fine.
He realises that he does not have enough money to buy other stuff at duty free.
He comes back and collects the money.
The PRO comes 1.5 hours late at 11 PM.
He is a 'fresher' and does not know what is to be done..
Anand explains to him the whole process.
They both are now waiting for their turn at Visa cancellation Point.
Anand wants to give back his Omantel sim to us, so he gives it to PRO, and instructs him to give it to us.
After the PRO sends off Anand, beyond the Visa Cancellation check point, and into the lounge, we see the PRO walking out of the airport.
He does not even bother to stop. He runs across the road and into the parking lot.
We finally call him and tell that we are right behind him.
He turns back and sees us approaching and gives us the Sim.
We wish him good night...

Monday, November 23, 2009 by Hari
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  1. Yeah da.. it was unfortunate, had travelled 3 times to and fro dint have such an exp... :(

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