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I remember seeing the computer connected to Internet, for the first time in 1997. I had won a competition at the NIIT and they offered my one full day session at their centre, complete with Multimedia presentations and Games. Thrilled by the offer, I paid a visit to their centre. That was my first brush with Internet. I had only learnt about a CD till then, I saw it there. I felt it. It was a great feeling. I was shown the power of Internet. It had arrived.

Today, 12 years later, I realise that I spend more than 9 hours of my time, online. Almost everybody has a digital identity and it is getting more and more complicated everyday. My opinion on online identities will be a separate post altogether.

This post is about a video that I saw recently. When I saw it, I said,m "Bloody Hell.."
If they bring in this sort of technology, it will rock the world.
You can see the video on youtube here.
It's about how pervasive Internet and Computing has become. It is there, everywhere, and the video is a fine example. You can get reviews of books, literally on your fingertips. Shoot photographs with gestures of your hand. Use any wall, (note.. Any Wall) to compose an email, and send it off. Recognise people instantly, have their information floating around as word-clouds, etc etc...
Here are some caps...

I was spell bound after watching this video. Hats off to Pranav Mistry, the student who did this project.

Amazing.. !!!

Friday, November 27, 2009 by Hari
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  1. Arun Sent me this video a few weeks back......Damn good rite??

  2. Good ??? This is effing Mindblowing.. Am just wondering at the implications of taking photographs by just hand gestures ... Now that would be something...

  3. Watch the Language..Its not cool to swear...Especially to a Lady....It may be ur Blog.But i'm ur Friend and deserve respect.

  4. I was not swearing... and BTW i don't think there is a need to highlight the fact that you are my friend... if that was the case, i would be atleast be aware of what's going on...

    respect ? .. ah ha.. now that's a swear word....

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