Of Grimoires and Black Magic ....

Note:- Before you read, let me warn you that the below post contains occult content. The post is not to belittle any religious belief/pre-conceived notion that you may be having. Just a Point of View ....

Read this book, "the-powerful-deadly-spells-of-the-javanese". Downloaded a copy of this book from Scribd.

This book is absolute non-sense !!! . I am extremely sorry for trashing this book.
I have read manygrimoires and ritual books. (note the stress on many..), and this is one book, that I will be ashamed to claim that I've read...

Speaking of Grimoires, the best book that I've ever read is the Necronomicon Spell Book. Yes, the famed 'Simonomicon'. I recommend this book to every student, who wants to study occult practices. It starts with a detailed description of the precautions to be followed while chanting spells, and their side-effects and after-effects. It also details, some short-cuts which can make your spells work faster. It starts with an invocation to Marduk.

For the uninitiated, more information is available with me on request. I have it a policy, not to disclose occult stuff for free. I get branded as a freak, everytime I do it.

The book contains the spells in detail, together with the symbols which will make them work,more effectively and in a faster manner. The book ends with warning to non-believers and curses those who try to misuse it.

Black Magic, is not always Black...

P.S:- For your questions regarding Grimoire, here is wiki to your rescue.
A grimoire (pronounced /ɡrɪmˈwɑr/) is a textbook of magic. Books of this genre, typically giving instructions for invoking angels or demons, performing divination and gaining magical powers, have circulated throughout Europe since the Middle Ages.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 by Hari
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