Of Orkut and Lost Crushes... !!!

Note :- All information mentioned in this post are true and all references to people are real and intentional !!! There is no coincidence. It is meant to be.

This post is the result of a casual remark by Anand. But that which has left a very deep psychological impact on me.

The phenomenon of orkut has changed our lives. For Good or Bad, is upto the user to comment. It hasn't actually changed my life, but I cannot say, that orkut has made no difference to my life at all...

But that is beside the point here. The crux of this post deals with the slightly crazier portion.

"Arre yaar, She was my benchmate in 2nd standard. I had a secret crush on her during my school days. Can I find her ?"
"Sure Dude. Isi ke liye to Orkut hai .."

And so the buddies, first search in the school's community. If there is any girl with a closely matching surname, then she is immediately 'profiled' and 'added as a friend'. Now comes the difficult part. There will be more than one girl, who is attractive and has a sooper profile. So the guys end up adding every girl on that list. And funnily enough, their Friend invites will usually be like,

'Hi !!!, I am vry mch intrstd n u. Plz acpt ma frnd rqst.'

I guess the person never learnt the proper usage of vowels during his school days.

or sometimes it would be like,

'Hi ..'

That's all. Now If you think that the girl will think he is very particular about his choice of words or is a man of little words.. You are mistaken. The girl, does not even bother to check out his profile..

Then there are others, who try to fake their own profile. They get themselves added to 'kul' communities like 'Betrand Russels' Books','Enrique','We love Shahid Kapoor' and 20 other such communities, so that the girl is impressed with their profile, when they check him out. Trust me.. this one seriously works.. So Girls... BEWARE !!!!

Then there is the third kind. The guy is 'shy type', is now a Young Software Professional, and wants to get in touch with all his old school mates, especially those girls, on whom, he had a crush, once upon a time.

He decides to go to his school's community. No luck. Then he decides to ask his friends. Most of them reply in negative. The guy does not lose heart. He has this hope in heart, that she is out there somewhere... So he decides to do some detective work and being the 'ever-logical-thinking' software guy that he is, he lists out all his friends from his old school, and then goes into a searching spree,in each of their friends list. He finds a couple of names, with some resemblance to the girl's name that he is in search of. 'Hey the surname's changed...' He finds the profile pic to be that of a flower/waterfall.

Marital status :- Married (The enthusiasm level goes down rapidly here...)
Location :- XXX (A location, from which you are atleast 2000 miles apart)

Already Irritated, he tries to have a look at her albums(45) thinking that it will contain some photograph of hers.

'Sorry, the user has not allowed sharing of photographs'

He clicks on Photos of Him/Her, and find one photograph (if he is lucky enough, and tagging is enabled) and there is a faint resemblance to the person. He then sends a friend request, half heartedly, to that person. And to top it all. All the girls on whom he had had a crush, join orkut only after getting married !!!

Welcome to the Real World !!!!

P.S:- No Offence meant to anybody ...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 by Hari
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