Of Salaries...

There are only two golden rules, when enquiring about somebody's salary.

1.) Don't ask someone his/her Salary.
2.) Follow Rule 1.

Read on...

When we were small kids, we all have had dreams of earning plenty of money and waving wads of notes, all inspired by Hero, showering his mom or his wife in 'note' rain. We slowly grow and come to realise that the Hero and his mom were nothing but a figment of our over-zealous bollywood film directors' bloated imagination of an Utopian World. And that, by the time, you get to earn such money, you will probably be a grandfather/grandmother.

In college, the thrust was predominantly to get placed. (Atleast in mine..) Hence salary was given the second seat. Get Placed first... rest we can see later... (Advice given by my college seniors and also by my parents/wellwishers/relatives...)
After the placements.. You get placed in a Top class Software Company for a salary of 2.7 Lakhs per annum.

Cost of Bus Fare from Chengalpet to Guindy Campus :- 70 Rupees

Lunch and Dinner on two days at Guindy Campus :- 100 Rupees

Expression on my face when 25 of my
classmates got placed in the same company :- Priceless..

Welcome to the 'Orey Kuttaiyile Oorina Mattaigal' Sangam...

After the placements...Discussion in Canteen...

A: "Machaan, this XYZ company is fu**** company da.."
Me : "Why da ?"
A: "They are offering me only 4 LPA da.."
Me (thinking) "Only 4 LPA hunh ?"
A: "Machaan, what is your salary da ?"

2 years At the workplace....
Sr. Coll. : "I am fed up of this place yaar..."
Me : "Why Sir, What happened"
Sr. Coll. : "They are not giving me onsite"
Me : "But Sir, you were in Muscat for a year ..right ? You came back only last month"
Sr. Coll : "Idiot.. You call Middle East onsite ?"
Sr. Coll. (Thinking) : Wait till your (D)RR form comes to me. Will give you 'Hell-Down-Under' Ratings...
Me (Thinking) : Saala, went to Muscat, and was earning a lakh a month there...
Me : "What will make you stay sir ?"
Sr. Coll : "I want atleast 9 LPA. Come on, I have 3.5 years experience.. I atleast deserve that much...
Me (Gulping and Thinking).. 9 ???
Sr. Coll : "Ah... Hari.. What is your salary ?"

3 years later, during 'Penn-Paarkum-Padalam' (Bride-Seeing-Ritual)
Girl's Father : So what is maapillai (Son-In-Law) doing ?
Boy's Father : He is working in an MNC.
Girl's Father : Velinaadu poitu vanthirukeengala... (Have you been abroad?)
Boy's Sister : 2 years Muscat la irunthirukaan... (Was in Muscat for 2 years)
Girl's Mother : Muscat ellam oru oora.. Europe poittu vanthirukeengala ? (You call Muscat a city ? Have you been to Europe ?)
Girl's Father : Maapilaikku evlo Salary ? (What is the salary of Son-In-Law?)

Another 2 years later, for PreKG Admission,
W : You know how difficult it is to get admission into this school right ?
Me : Yes, Look I came here, because you specifically insisted...
W : Hmmm... Do you have your salary slip ?
Me : What ? Salary Slips ? I have come here for my kid's admission, not for Housing Loan.
W glares at me..
Inside ...
Princi : Sir, your kid is very intelligent. You should be proud of him/her.
We both smile at each other...
Princi : But, we see some data is missing from your application forms. We require some more verification..
Me : As in ??
W looks at me, and cocks her eyebrow...
Princi : Er.. Never mind... What is your salary sir ?


P.S: (Ironically, you are still earning the same salary... LOLzzz...)

Monday, November 23, 2009 by Hari
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  1. Good One..And this from the Guy with the idea to rule the world one day!!!

  2. Thanks... All I have left on my face now is a sheepish grin.. :)

    Well, I guess, Reality is catching up with me.. !!!

    And of course, you are always there to bring me back to the Real World...!!!!

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