Of Typealyzer, Personalities and Word Clouds...

Found this site, TYPEALYSER, which analyses your blog and tries to 'predict' your personality, using keyword search. Here is what it said for this blog. :)

Very interesting, though I've always wondered, if it is ethically and morally right for a 'machine' to try to predict personalities. For that matter, I am against Lie-Detectors !!! :) :P

There is this one more site, which does a word cloud search of your blog. It's called Wordle. Amazing Java GUI. Highly customizable, with 'n' number of fonts,and layouts.. The best part is you can save it online and it will be added to their global search cloud, though the drawback here is that these cannot be taken back.. so be careful, in case you are writing a personal blog..

Here are some tag clouds in different layouts.. from my blog :)

Very Innovative... :) :D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 by Hari
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