Perhaps One of the Better 'Hair' Days ??? :)

Today is by far, the best day I've had in the past 365 days...
No.. Its not my fact even that was depressing.. But today.. Today takes the cake..

I wake up in the morning, only to realise that the IT Operators are calling me to tell, that the application is not coming up. I decide to take things at my own pace..and come half an hour later to office.. (Normally I take only 5-6 minutes to reach office, if I get the call)

Before I come to office, I see that somebody has pinged me last night. It says..

i wanna talk to u

It has been a long long time.. someone's ever said to me something like that.

There is a difference between saying,
'Call me when you have the time',
'Call/ping me when you are free.',
'U there ?'

and saying
' i wanna talk to u' .
For me, it is both the most touching as well as the most nostalgic thing, that has happened to me, in the last 10 years. I remember very clearly...10 years ago, the same person, uttered the words,

i want you to talk with me

and we have been doing so, till date. Then, what are the differences then and now ?
That the person, is now 10 years older.. (So am I.. :))
The childishness with which we (still) tease each other is something, that even I am surprised at. I can be a very irritating person, and this friend of mine's put up with me, for all the silly talk that I've made and am making (of late..)

We do nothing but tease each other, whenever we chat. And the greatest compliment that I've ever (Note the stress on EVER) got is from this person...

"You are one of those few people with whom I can actually have a proper intellectual conversation with..."

WoW !! That's one of the nicest things, anyone has ever said about me, to me.

Then of course, As I have already advertised in my blog, that I am willing to do freelancing and stuff like that, I had already posted in a number of places.. and Guess what.. Someone got back !! The Managing Editor.. :)

Let's see.. how things go on...

P.S:- Though the later half of the day, was actually very irritating for me... I am kinda neutralised now.. !!!

P.P.S :- Mission 2012.. :) :D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 by Hari
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