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P.S (Pre Script) :- This article was initially intended for Muscat Daily. They had promised me that this would be published today. But unfortunately that was not the case, hence posting it in my blog, today....

The other day, a colleague of mine, and me were discussing, about, where to go out for dinner. Dinner in Muscat is a slightly dilemmical question. Well there are restaurants and coffee shops from the Subcontinent, peppered across the city, but only a few live up to the expectations. On that particular day, both of us were not inclined to eat heavily and so the restaurants and hangouts where we usually have our dinners were ruled out. We decided to walk up to Rex Road, (from Ruwi Clock Tower) to see, if we could find something interesting.

It was then it struck me, that there was a Pakistani restaurant, right opposite City Cinema. Well, to tell the truth, I always have had the temptation to go in check out their Poori-Chana but could never find a proper occasion. Well looks like today was that day. I had company too..! Hence, we walked all the way up to City cinema. As we entered the restaurant, the smell of Poori's being fried in hot oil made our mouths water. Hence my friend ordered a Poori-Chana, and I ordered a Samosa Chaat. Both were pretty good, with the Poori being served piping hot. It was actually delicious. Though the Poori's were very oily, we didn't complain, as we usually indulge ourselves, only (at least) once a week.

I had actually made up my mind to have their hot jilebis, for I had tasted them once previously and fell in love with them. Trust me when I say this, once you have a taste of their jilebis, you'll kill to have more.. They make the best jilebis that I've ever tasted. We were actually tempted to try it out. But fate had it otherwise, for a couple of gentlemen, sitting adjacent to us were eating something out of a glass bowl, and we asked our host, what it was. He replied it was Doodh Jilebi. My friend was eager to taste it, hence we ordered it. It was too good. In fact, I was glad that we ordered it, for otherwise, I would have regretted it. My friend cannot do without buttermilk, so a Sweet Lassi was a take-away. All this for just 800Bz!!

The ambience is different. When you say, it is a Pakistani Restaurant, almost all of us, will have some sort of a preconceived notion about it. Well, this place defies all notions. It is really very different. The folks who serve you are courteous, though we should not have very high expectations. There is music being played, albeit, slightly loud. Folks sit in small pockets, the atmosphere bubbles with activity and throw in the smell of Poori being fried wafting across the room to you, it makes you feel as if you are sitting in a typical canteen back home. Overall a nice and pleasant experience, if you are the sort of person, who is willing to experiment with food and are open to 'testing and tasting' various genres of food.

Thursday, November 19, 2009 by Hari
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  1. Brilliant last para, the description is particularly rich bringing the place to life very vividly! A very good name to the post too...write more like these about places :)

  2. @Shiva :
    Thanks a lot... Will definitely try to write more about places such as these.. actually my assignment in Muscat Daily, was to write about these kind of places where we can hang out/eat etc... especially as expats... Though this did not work out... I am glad, that I did something.. Yes.. Will be posting more of such things now.. :)

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