Top 3 reasons, why I am pissed off at my current seat !!!!

We recently moved out from a very comfortable place in the first floor of the bank to an adjacent building's mezzanine floor, and to say the least, the place sucks..

Here are the top three reasons

#3 :- Absolutely no privacy, with a private eye (read camera) right above my head, monitoring my 'monitor'.

#2 :- All conversations can be heard by everyone in the floor/division. Hence that leaves no space for jokes/private conversations/conversations in mother tongue.

#1 :- The f***** pantry is only 5' 10" .. forcing me to bend my neck whenever I enter it. Similar case with the rest room also...

This bank seriously suckzzzz... !!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 by Hari
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