'What Ever You are Into' - Kevin Abdulrahman - A Book Review

I got to see a preview of the book, "WHAT EVER YOU ARE INTO" by
Kevin Abdulrahman 'The Man Inspiring Millions'.

Kevin had mailed me asking me for a testimonial and a review after looking at my blog, and I felt that this was a rare honor and a privilege.

Yes, I finished the book !!! In three hours flat !! :)

And it Rocks .. !!!! I place it right in the ranks of Maktub, and Atlas Shrugged - Some of my favorite books. The books's organisation is simple and easy to read.

What ever you are into is actually a wake up call for all those people, who have a winner sleeping within them. It is the right time, to tap your potential and make it big in life.

The book is divided into 52 chapters. One chapter for every week. All you have to do, is to practice one chapter every week, continuously and cumulatively, so that at the end of the year, you are actually bubbling with enthusiasm and go-getter attitude.

Some of my favorite chapters are,

Rule#06 - Fuel the fire,
Rule#13 - You Better Believe it !!
Rule#14 - Everything you do has a price
Rule#15 - Go with your gut feel
Rule#31 - Choose the right station
Rule#34 - Go to the Edge and Push.
Rule#40 - Choose your meanings. (My favorite chapter in the book !! :) )
Rule#41 - One Blink is all it takes.
Rule#52 - A Box Office Hit.

The book has wonderful quotes and each one is riveting ... I am quoting some here..
I hope Kevin doesn't mind !!!

Responsibility and ownership are two words most people shy away from. They are hard enough to digest, and even harder to perform.

The point is, you don’t need to know everything before starting to make a move. If you have a strong why, the how will appear

Only because a few people don’t share your views about something, doesn’t mean that your idea has no value. All it takes is for one person to see it, and that person is You....Always remember that what is being rejected is your idea or your offering, not you. Rejection stems from other peoples limitations, beliefs, fears and different perspective on things

The biggest game you will ever play is the game in your mind.

Become the person you inspire to be, do what they would do, and then you will have what they have.

You will never tend get the full picture of any situation and you are constantly required to make the best decisions moving forward with the information you get and see. Knowing this then, it is always to look at the brighter side of any event until one gathers all the information there is. You choose the meaning you attach to an event. If something upsets you, makes you angry, overwhelmed or filled with anxiety, ask yourself, ‘what meaning am I choosing to give that event’? More importantly ‘why am I choosing to give that meaning’? What other meanings could you attach to it? Could you attach a positive meaning? Or a meaning that will be neutral. You always can.

Some points for improvements would be,

#1 :- More examples will do the book wonders.
#2 :- A slightly 'more' informal text will help reach out to more people
#3 :- Would love to see some tips for people suffering from depression and abuse.

This book still rocks, inspite of all its drawbacks..

This Man is here to stay !!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 by Hari
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  1. Very succinctly expressed. Makes me want to read the book! Good job!

  2. Thanks buddy, for taking the pains to patiently reading my posts.. :) :D

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