What a movie !!!

I recently saw two Filipino movies. A Prequel and a Sequel. I declare now, that I have fallen in love with the character - Laida Magtalas. Period.

A Very Special Love

You can find the story on wiki. Here it is in brief. Laida Magtalas is searching for a job, and applies for the position of editorial assistant at Miggy Montenegro's (Her prince charming) office. Miggy is a bulldog, but Laida slowly changes him. Miggy falls in love with Laida. What happens after that, whether Laida gets her Prince Charming ? Is Miggy able to save FLippage and Bachelor ? Does Miggy get rid of his ego is the crux of the story, told sweetly and neatly.

Brilliant portrayal by Sarah Geronimo !!!!!

Highlight of the movie :-

The Sundance !!!! Man I loved the concept and the step especially.
The dialogues between Laida and Miggy on Love and Letting go ...

You Changed my Life

Sequel to A Very Special Love, the story starts from where it ended in the prequel. Miggy wants to marry LAida, but Laida has got a better post in the same company as Miggy. So she no longer is together with Miggy. But they try to make up for the lost time, as much as possible. Miggy is under great pressure to perform, as he is slowly transferred from his Print Media to the Garments division of his father. He is ruthless on the employees and soon they begin to hate him. The tension escalates and all employees call for a strike. Work stops and Fingers point at Miggy. Laida comforts him and Miggy starts afresh. Soon things are on track, and finally Miggy proposes to Laida.

Again, Semma acting by Sarah Geronimo !!!!!

Highlight of the movie :-

Again, the Sundance.. :)
The funny ringtone.. "BabyKoo .. BabyKoo" ... :)

Fantastic Set of movies...
Must Watch for any romance movie lover !!!

P.S:- Heard that both these movies are now in
the Top 5 - All time Best Grossers (in Filipino) category with
You changed my life being No.1 !!!!!!
I never knew that !!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009 by Hari
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