When Brangelina and Uma Thurman shared Newsprint with Me !!!

Finally Finally Finally, I get my review published in a National Newspaper...
Yes !! Muscat Daily Finally published my Review on the movie Up.
And the best part is Brangelina and Uma Thurman share the 'screen-space' with me...

Well, the review that was supposed to be published last wednesday, was pushed to next week, owing to Special Supplement for National Day. I was actually very very disappointed, but decided not to lose heart. The Managing editor mailed me back stating that, it would be published this week. I was keeping my fingers crossed and keeping expectations less. Finally, when I saw my photo in paper.. I was thrilled to bits.. My happiness knows no bounds.. though I am a tad disappointed that the dog got a bigger pic than me.. :)

You can see the article in high-res Here
(It's 3 MB.. Click this, only if you wish to see my handsome face..)

For a normal version, see below...

They have also promised me a column, for which the first article has already been sent. They have said that they will be putting the column out to print, very soon...
The column is tentatively titled... 'Single in the City'.

Boy ! Oh Boy ! Am on cloud nine, Ain't I ? You Bet !!!!!
Well, Well, Well, Brangelina ..Watch out !!!... You are just damn lucky (to share screen-space with me..:) ) .. !!!! :P

P.S:- My heartfelt thanks to Mohana Prabhakar - Managing Editor of Muscat Daily and Their Features Editor, who have considered the work fit to be published... Thanks Once again.

Thanks to my Parents and Sister, for always having encouraged me to do whatever I've wanted to... and of-course, to my Best and Worst Critic, and My Best Friend Forever...

P.P.S:- My milestone post for 200 posts comes tomorrow... on a special day.. !!! What's so special... We shall see... :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 by Hari
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  1. Congrats Hari...Really a gr8 moment for u. Party time !!!

  2. Congrats DA!! So Happy 4 u!!! And that's sooooo cool...BTW thanks for the Acknowledgment too......

  3. @Anand :- Thanks ... Party.. ?? Who's giving ? Please let me know the date and time, so that I can also join it.. !!! :P

    @BFF :- Thanks.. :D (Beaming actually)
    Thanks hunh ? For the acknowledgement hunh ?
    Hmmm.... I guess I will have to get used it going forward... :)

  4. Congrats da.. Keep Going.. :P

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