A Year Runs By ...!!!

Note:- This is a milestone post :- 200th post of my blog.

Today, I complete a year in Muscat. It is a mixed feeling...

From the beginning I was not interested in onsite.. that was mainly because, I had missed out on more than 3 onsites... Once to Paraguay, Once to Russia, and once to Netherlands. Of these, the Paraguay one was the most painful one, as even the Visa had been obtained. Only travel dates had to be confirmed.

I recall, there were worse cases than mine, when folks were asked to come back from airport after reaching the Check-In counter.. So I felt, this was much much better.

When I got Muscat as an onsite, I was actually neutral. Moreover, it was a support project. A realm in which I had very limited exposure. Implementation was my forte. I was (and still am) the best in that area. I had expressed my concerns to my managers, who were very confident, that this would be a cake-walk for me. But moving to the Support team, was more of a learning experience for me. I learnt things that I could have never learnt if I was in Implementation. Moreover, Implementation did not have any big projects at that point of time. Hence the transition. After I came to onsite, things became chaotic, to say the least. I was taking things left right and centre. I lost all hope and was perhaps facing the darkest period of my career.

And as Aditya Kashyap says in Jab We Met,
"Apni haalat bahut kharab hai... yaani ... Apni Band Baj chuki hai... Isse bura kuch ho hi nahi sakta... Agar kuch ho sakta hai, to sirf acha hi ho sakta hai.."

And it is from there I started. My trip to India in August was a revelation in many ways. I realised that I was a powerhouse of talent.. ala mitochondira.. All I had to was to tap it.. !!! And did I do that .. You bet I did.. !!!!

I do not wish to stay here anymore.. Enough is enough... Its time to move on... Maybe India, maybe some other country... Let's see...

But for the time being.. India Beckons.. !!!!

Though it is a happy day for me.. It is only ironic that one man's happiness is another man's grief...

My deepest condolences to the folks who lost their near and dear ones in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks...

Thursday, November 26, 2009 by Hari
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