3 Idiots - Wholesome Entertainer... Aaal izz Well !!!

Back after watching 3 Idiots at Star Cinema. Very good entertainer. Very predictable, if you've read FPS, but otherwise, a decently shot movie. I am not going to comment on the story. It's a well-known story. Subtle changes to the story, here and there...Mind you, that these changes suited the course of the story. Hence very much acceptable.

Songs, except for 'Aaaal iz well...',and 'Zoobi Doobi' , didn't quite live up to the expectations.

Humor is great,though not prevalent completely in the movie, is present in enough quantities. Great editing touches. Especially switching to Black and White while showing Alok er.. sorry Raju Rastogi's house. The ultimate twist in the end, when he declares that he is Wangdu... is amazing.. :) I was expecting that to happen. Ladakh has been beautifully captured.

Some of the humor was kind of crass and not quite up to Aamir's mark. Still, could have done better without it.

Overall a good, funfilled watch.

P.S:- Alert Alert Alert - Spoiler Warnings....

The screenplay almost religiously follows the book. Almost scene by scene, except for subtle changes, already mentioned. Hari's girl in the movie is picked up by Ryan here. :) Personally i liked Hari's character in the movie.. :P

Thursday, December 24, 2009 by Hari
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