Athaan da ennoda aalu..!!!!

Almost all of us have this habit of showing our school photos to our friends, and posing this question .. "Find out where I am ?"..
Well, I have tried it out many number of times, with a lot of people I know... And almost everytime, they find it out. I guess it is not difficult to locate a tall, dark, handsome guy, in any photograph for that matter. :P

This incident happened yesterday. My roomie was looking at his friends orkut photos, and came across his school photograph. He was pleased and showed it to me to locate. I did. Then as guys are, I looked across at all the faces, saw one attractive face, and asked him,
"Machi, yaaruda ithu ?" (Who is this ?)
He looked at me. And then got up and left in a huff. I thought he was going to smoke, as he usually gives that reaction, when he wants to smoke. He came back after two minutes.
I asked him.. "Machi... Yaaruda athu ?" (Who was that ?)
"Dai.." (Stop it..)
"Solluda.." ( Tell me)
"Athaan da ennoda Aalu... !!!" (That is my Girl..)

Needless to say, the next 10 minutes were spent ROTFLOL... :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 by Hari
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