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Went to Avatar Yesterday (again.. :) )

First row seats.. a bit painful for the neck, but worth the pain...
When I saw it for the first time, I felt that Neytiri was the character who stood out. I second that feeling. She really stands out.

There were some scenes in the movie which I felt, kind of 'defined' the movie for me.

1.) The scene where Colonel Miles Quaritch shows to Jake Sully his scars and says he got them on the first day he landed there, and the impact it had on him, and the way, he uses the motions of his hands to control the robot in which he sits.

2.) The portion where the Seeds of the mother tree (jelly like, translucent seeds) sit on Jake Sully and illuminate him.

3.) The scene where Neytiri calls him a Baby and chides him for making noise and causing the death of the wolves.

4.) The part where the cord is plugged out for Jake Sully and the Na'vi decide to kill him. Neytiri's reactions are amazing.

5.) The part where Neytiri realises that Jake Sully had betrayed her trust.

6.) The scene where the Mother Tree is destroyed and Neytiri wails. Her wailing somehow had an eerie melancholy to it. It shook me to the core.

7.) The scene where Jake Sully introduces himself as 'Turuk-Makto' to the Na'vi. The grandeur with which he walks across the crowd.

8.) The failed attempt to save Professor Grace's life. The esoteric dance and chanting.

9.) The scene where the thick nosed rhinos come charging down the forest to crush the rebel forces.

10.) The last scene where Jake Sully undergoes a consciousness transfer willingly from his normal body to Avatar. The eyes open. and then 'A V A T A R' ......

Mindblowing... I would love to go another time... :) :D

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 by Hari
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  1. All amazing scenes - a good recap!

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