Avatar - MindBlowing !!!!

AVATAR is The Movie of this Year for me...

I am not sure, if it will be considered for the Oscars... Maybe the timing was wrong...
Either way... It is going to do the movie no harm. It is well on its way to become the highest grosser of the year, probably even this decade...

Well the story is simple. The year is 2154, and the humans, specifically Army Men, and scientists are now being transported across the universe to this planet called Pandora, where there is plenty of this mineral called 'unobtainium' - which sells at about 20 million a kilo. Jake Sully is a Marine, who loses the use of his legs in War time, and is one among the new batch that has been transported. At the Pandora Research Station, humans have built a huge research lab, where 'cultured Avatars' are being 'grown', with the cultured Avatar getting the DNA of humans as well as the Na'vi's (as the natives are called).

Jake Sully is thrilled by the fact that his legs work in the Avatar, and is mesmerised by the look and feel of his new body. A mission into the forest goes wrong, when their research team is attacked by the animals, and in an attempt to save the lives of his research team, Jake Sully distracts the animals and thus gets lost in the forest. In the forest, he encounters Neytiri, who saves his life from some wolves and brings him to her folks. Her folks are wary of him, and decide to stay away from him, except for her father, (who, of course, and as usual,is the King/Leader of his people). So they decide to have him for some time, for him to learn their customs and for them to learn his. And this is the beginning of a new life that Jake Sully never had. He soon becomes one among them. At the same time, he is also passing on crucial information about the Tree of Life, or Kelutrel, underneath which is a huge reserve on unobtainium, which Colonel Miles Quaritch, wants to obtain, either by hook or crook.

The day, when Jake Sully undergoes the ritual, that declares him to be one of 'their' own, Neytiri and Jake Sully are emotionally attached. The very next day, the Colonel, brings on his bulldozers and begins to advance towards the Tree of Life, which Jake Sully tries to resist as much as possible in his Avatar form. But is unable to do so. Finally when they sneak out of the Research centre to warn the Na'vi's that war is inevitable, Dr.Grace, the lead researcher gets shot by the bullets. Jake's explanation leaves Neytiti shocked, and she feels betrayed by Jake. They decide to imprison Jake and Grace and defend themselves against the Colonel. Colonel proves to be more than a handful, and soon the Tree of Life is destroyed in front of their eyes, killing Neytiri's father too.

Jake is helpless and decides to win Na'vi people's love. He goes in search of the Thanator, the invincible bird and conquers it, and brings it back to show to the people. He wants the Na'vi people to use the Tree of the Souls to cure Dr.Grace, but they are unsuccessful and Dr. Grace expires. Jake decides to take on the Colonel, with the help of other Na'vi races, and they begin their preparations. A long and bloody fight ensues and finally Jake Sully is able to thwart the human threat. Returning to the Tree of Souls, he undergoes the consciousness transfer from his human body to his avatar form, and awakens to a new life as a Na’vi.

Phew.. This is the story of Avatar. Well if this doesn't impress you, watch the visuals. Spellbound, amazing, Extraordinary are just ordinary words compared to what we could see on the screen. Every frame has been carefully shot/made. Great attention to detail. Every leaf, Every creature on Pandora, Every Na'vi, all being given a unique identity and visual effect. Pandora itself has been beautifully portrayed. The visualization of the Tree of Life, Tree of souls and the slow motion effects of the ammunition being fired are all excellently taken.

Music deserves a special mention. James Horner does a fantastic job with the Background music as well. Heard that they did some special research for the alien kind of music. Also the Na'vi language. The language itself was created !!! With about 1000 words vocabulary and 30 of them being created by James Cameroon himself.

Must Watch for any James Cameroon fan.
Must Watch for anybody who loves Great Graphics.
Must Watch for every body who thinks Slumdog is a great film.

Trust me, This movie Rocks.... !!!!!
I am going gaga over it.... !!!!

P.S:- Am planning to write another post on the other aspects of this movie.. Maybe later this week.

Friday, December 18, 2009 by Hari
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  1. Can't wait now though tickets are sold out here!! :(

  2. :( :( .. too bad Shiv... Try the weekdays.. must be less crowded.. monday morning is a good option... :) :P

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