Avatar - Part 2

Part 1 of Avatar is Here.
Actually I wrote this for Muscat Daily, but they got back saying that someone had sent them the review earlier.. Sent them another review of another movie.. :)

But here is the Avatar Part 2 ...

Here are 7 good reasons to watch the movie.

Reason#1:- This is James Cameron’s first movie after his epic Titanic!
Well that’s the first reason/excuse that I can give for watching this movie. James Cameron’s written the scripts for some of Hollywood’s best blockbusters, like, Terminator (I & II.), Aliens, True Lies, and there always has been high expectations from him. More so, after his penultimate magnum opus – Titanic. The movie, sort of, raised the bar for all the other movies, and very soon, Hollywood was divided into two eras, Pre-Titanic and Post-Titanic. Well, to say the least Avatar outshines the Titanic in every technical aspect.

Reason#2:- The screenplay!
Cameron’s movies are known to have real taut screenplays. This one’s no exception. 161 minutes of non-stop entertainment from one of the masters in the art. What else can you ask for?

Reason #3:- The story and the concept.
We’ve heard of aliens taking over humans, and then making them slaves. Well, Avatar goes a step further. Humans want to evict aliens from their home, so that they can mine there. Also, the Gaia concept described in the movie is akin to viewing the planet as a single organism that has receptive properties. Though, the theory is yet to get scientific ground, it has been beautifully hypothesized in the movie.

Reason #4:- The cast.
Sam Worthington proves clearly that he is worth it. Cameron makes him work for the role and he does it in style. As the physically challenged Jake Sully and as the Avatar Jake Sully, there is a world of difference, which is portrayed in a brilliant manner on-screen. The subtle change in body language and intonation clearly demarcates the Avatar from the Real. Be it Jake Sully, Zoe Saldana, or Sigourney Weaver, every single character in the movie, has been well thought out, and given adequate importance.

Reason #5:- The Background Score.
James Horner does a wonderful job. His music as well as his silence at certain places in the movie, makes you aware of his genius. The scores manage to keep the excitement ticking throughout the movie, and is definitely a very big plus.

Reason #6:- The most expensive movie ever made.
Well, it’s been the most hyped movie of the decade, according to me. US$300 million plus into it. State of the art technology. Mind blowing action sequences. 3 Dimensional view of the Na’vi World is every Nature lover’s delight.

Reason #7:- Special effects.
Well, this is the biggest reason why you should watch this movie. If you thought, Titanic, Independence Day, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Spider Man, Pirates of the Caribbean contained the best special effects, think again. Watch Avatar and then your opinion would be that Hollywood movies can now be classified as ‘Pre-Avatar’ and ‘Post-Avatar’. Every frame of this movie has been carefully crafted by the master craftsman James Cameron. Cameron goes the extra mile, and proves that, it is possible to attain what is thought and conceived in the visages of the mind, and can definitely be lauded for it.

Bottom line: - Its’ the ultimate show down between Good and Evil, told in a crisp format, in style. Must Watch... Don’t Miss it!!!!

The Gaia Hypothesis is something, that not every scientist agrees to, as it has very little scientific proof, but if you are a Captain Planet Fan, then you must be aware of the beautiful lady who comes at the end of each episode to give some gyaan on how to save the planet, well she is the personification of Gaia, or the life force that intuitively drives the earth. This is one of my favorite theories, as it clearly shows how nature controls and conquers.

Another interesting aspect of this movie, is for its resemblance to Ramayana. I know it may sound a little too far fetched, even crazily 'conspiracy theory', or simply stupid, but there are somethings that I couldn't avoid.

First things first. It nothing but Ramayana, told differently.

What if Ravana took the battle to Ayodhya, for Sita ?

Size of the Na'vi people. Clearly documented fact that Aryans were much well built than most of the other races.

Blue skin ?? Krishna/Rama/All 'avatars' of Vishnu were blue...

Bows and Arrows ?? Krishna was an ace archer, Rama was the best.

The Namam on the forehead ?? Dai.. ithukku mela ennada proof ?? Jake Sully wears the holy namam on his head, which is simply a direct lift from the Iyengar/SriVaishnava Thiruman (SriChoornam - Sricharanam)...

The control of objects using mind. Come on, this one takes the cake. They are able to bond/connect with their horses and flying carriers using their tail, and then control using the mind. This is exactly how the Astras in Warfare work. Also, it is a well known fact that Rama used the Pushpaka Vimana on his final sojourn from Lanka to Ayodhya.

Pushpaka Vimana was a flying vehicle in the shape of a swan, and was controlled by the mind, and could travel at the speed of thought.

Someone please tell me, that all this was not researched, and it is simply a coincidence. :)

Anybody with more coincidences, please mail me. Would love to post them..:)

As for me, it was akin to An Athiest coming face to face with God. Reason, all the theories that I had merely believed in blindly all these years, I could see them fructify in front of my eyes. I really must appreciate the vision of the director here.

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  1. Havent seen the movie yet, but the similarities are too obvious to miss, even in the trailers.
    Would like to see more on this in the blogosphere. Will definitely contribute once I have seen the film.

  2. @Anon

    Thanks for the visit to my blog. Would love to see your contributions. Please do let me know the address of your blog. :)

    Happy Avataring...

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