An Essay on The Individual, The Internet and The Metaverse - Part 2

Note:- I am planning to make this into a series of serious posts on
An Essay on The Individual, The Internet and the Metaverse.

I am hoping that I will be able to continue the series into a long and fruitful discussion of ideas.

Almost everybody these days, is complaining of Attention Disorder. We are not able to concentrate on any one thing, for a long period of time. Here goes.

You login to your gmail. Check Mails. See that someone has shared a Picasa Album with you. You check out their album and comment on a couple of photos. Come back to your mailbox. See that someone has commented on your blog. You go to your dashboard. Moderate the comments. Get back to your mail. You get a ping on your communicator from your Boss asking you for the presentation, that is due in another 15 minutes. You open the presentation, only to find that the youtube video that was to be embedded, has not been done. You search youtube for the specific video, and link it. In the meanwhile you realise that someone's sent you a friend request on orkut. You accept the request and check out that person's scraps and photos....

Does this sound familiar to you ? Well. Welcome to Attention Disorder. It is not a disease but a Syndrome, in my opinion. Well, there is orkut, facebook, myspace, Google News, Google Books, Twitter, Digg, Stumble, Youmint, Naukri, Monster, Times Jobs, Times of India, Hindu, and all the interesting blogs on the Superhighway and of course, those millions of hours of video on Youtube.... Apart from all of this, f you are a bookworm then We have a book getting released in English, every 30 minutes, somewhere in the world. You think you will be able to catch up with all of that ? Undivided Attention is now a thing of the past. Linda Stone rightly puts this across as Continuous Partial Attention.

"Multitasking and being a jack-of-all-trades at the proper time is fine, but having to divide your attention constantly and at the most inconvenient moments is something else entirely."

While, an overdose of fragmented thinking is harmful, and a period of multitasking
in a state of “flow” can of course be very effective and inspiring, some amount of controlled social web media is good. We can no longer say, that we are bored !!! With iTainment being the order of the day, it is time to streamline our choices...

The metaverse is now slowly beginning to control our lives... The ease with which we are able to integrate our online identities with our real lives, has now transformed all of us into Hyperegos that are Hyperlinked on the Internet. The next step would probably be the merger of IT, nanotechnology, biotechnology and intelligence. In the coming years , we may all be intimately and physically interconnected. Now that would be the ultimate mediaziation.

Undivided attention is a rarity and trust me when I say it, Me-The-Media is getting plenty of it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009 by Hari
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