Kutty - Old Wine in New Bottle ??

Listened to Kutty's songs.. (No ... not some pen - kutti.. I mean the Dhanush*** Kutty).
They look like a rehash of Telugu Aarya's songs. I did some googling and found that the movie itself is a remake of Aarya.. :) :D

Feel My Love solo disappoints. The normal one is delivered perfectly.
Kannu Rendum - Priya Hemesh sounds great.. :) Mukesh too does a good job. The song is sure to become a hit with Dhanush fans.
Life a Jolly thaan, starts with great beats, building up the expectation, then finally disappoints.
Nee Kathalikkum Ponnu... Sounds more like 'Kavalapadatha Sagothara'.. May be the scenario is same.. :P.. Potential hit.
Yaro En Nenjai is of course, the superhit - Aeno Priya Ragam ... sung by Sagar and Sumangali. This one is a sure hit.

So what is DSP doing, bringing together all his superhits in Telugu into Tamizh.??
Either way, Tamizh Cinema is gaining... So no worries there.

Thursday, December 24, 2009 by Hari
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