Now this is what I call as Going Places... :)

If you remember, I had posted an article on 'You Changed my Life' in
You can read the article Here.

I was just browsing some forums, when it linked me to a Filipino Forum, and here is what I saw. They had quoted my article, in FULL... :) And then commented that it was wonderfully written...:)

Here are some comments..

(The article was posted by one sweet person called Amy.)


"5 stars for you aimy and 5 stars for the article!! "

"it's nice to know that someone is suggesting that a foreign film outfit sets its sights on a local film ... that's something to be proud of..well, in case the plan pushes through, I want to watch it. (to) see how they adapt to a (Pinoy) film. will the foreign leading lady do justice to the role of Laida Magtalas the way our very own Sarah Geronimo did with flying colors? "

"Yes, it is interesting how this reviewer got a hold of You Changed My Life. "

"it crossed language barriers to deliver fun and entertainment. and that's (cool) to the truest sense of the word. "

"Thanks for sharing aimy..It's nice to know that the movie AVSL and YCML is receiving excellent recognition from the international scene..I'm sure it would be great if this movies would be remake in a credible way.."

One interesting thing here, is that the folks in the forum are more worried that the character of Laida Magtalas should be taken seriously and the actress who takes it up must be serious about it and do justice to it..

I would like to mention here, that Trisha would do absolute justice to the role and anybody else in her role, would only look mediocre.. :) :D

I never even in my dreams thought that my article would be discussed so much ,in a place, that is hundreds of thousands of miles away. Thanks Folks...Love you all...

I am planning to watch some more Filipino Movies.. Any pointers ?? Romantic ones please... :)
After Shakthi of Alaipayuthey fame, Laida Magtalas from YCML is my favorite on-screen character. :P

You may read the original movie review on my blog, here.

Edit :- I am still open to writing the screenplay and dialogues for this movie... :) :D
S Pictures ... Are you listening ??? :) :D

Friday, December 25, 2009 by Hari
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