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Was watching Simran and Jyothika songs on Sun-Music recently and my thoughts suddenly stranded on to one yesteryear heroine, without whom, most of the 30 somethings today (even the 20 somethings :) ), would have been literally impoverished, during their adolescence. It's Khushboo... :)

Ah.. Who can forget that cute face, and the slightly plump figure. She was an entire generations craze. In the decade that she ruled the roost, no-one.. Note.. NO ONE could even come close to her. Her movies definitely had a strong role for her, and there was a mass fan following for her, next only to the top heroes of her day, namely Rajini, Kamal, Satyaraj, Vijayakanth, Karthik. And of course who can forget the inimitable, Ilaya Thilagam - Prabhu.

Rumors had it that Prabhu and Khusbhoo had married secretly. It was even rumored that they were 'living in' and Prabhu's family even had a secret homam done to prevent him from getting diverted from his wife. Khushboo had been paired with Prabhu in many movies such as Chinna Thambi, Dharmathin Thalaivan, Vetri Vizha, Paandithurai, Kizhakku Karai, My Dear Marthandan etc.. Almost all of them were hits if not super hits.

At the peak of her career, there were fans who built her a temple near Trichy !! Such is the power Cinema wields over the society... Kadavule...

Also, Khushboo made one food item, damn famous. Guess what ? Khushboo Idly. My mouth waters at the mere thought. :) I think it was some caterer in Kanchipuram/Madurai who started this. It spread like wildfire and very soon, every eat-out place, five-star hotel, ordinary restaurant and kai-yendhi bhavan in the state were selling this at premium. Malli poo idli (Meaning, Idli's as soft as Jasmine Flowers) was overnight replaced by Khushboo idli. (I think this replacement was due to the fact that people related to Idlis and Khushboo's Round, soft, plumpy Cheeks. (er.. I am honest.. Trust me.. :) ) Very soon Khushboo Idli and Kothamalli chutney became a part and parcel of the common Madrasi. His day did not actually start till he had Khushboo idly and boasted about it to his colleagues and friends. And mind you, not everybody knew how to make those idlys soft. It was actually a 'trade-secret'. Only the best of chefs and of course grandmom's knew how to make it. Though her popularity suddenly faded with the advent of newer, younger faces, Khushboo Idly, according to me, is one very good reason to remember her.

After this there was a sudden lull, and then suddenly we see her on T.V. She started conducting a game show, on the lines of 'Mastercard Family Fortunes' hosted by Roshan Abbas, and called it JackPot. It was a super hit with the ladies. No !! Not for the prize money or easy questions. Then for what ?
Take a guess...
No ?
Come on.. Relax. Inhale.. Take a deep breath. Now think.
No ?

It was for her costumes Dumbo..!!!

More than the physical beauty of Khushboo, it was for her Blouse (Jacket) that ladies watched the show !! I remember very clearly.. My Mom and Sister watching the show just for Khushboo's accessories. Some statistics indicate that at the end of 6 years, her costume designer had designed for her more than 600 blouses, net worth touching close to 25-30 lakhs.!!!

Here comes the best part. I've seen a lot of her shows and I can clearly recall that there's never, note, NEVER, been a repeat of the same blouse. Some are baroque confections, studded with precious and semi-precious stones, some embroidered, some tazzled, beriboned and some even backless.. !!!! Talk about walking in a backless blouse, in TamilNadu. Now, that is something.

Later Khushboo made the show more glamorous by bringing in celebrities every other week to keep everybody hooked (Pun Intended :P). Of course, it worked in her favor because the celebs too were too fashion conscious, so the whole set looks as if it was a fashion parade. :)

Of course, though she has portrayed and has been, as much a feminist as possible, by being bold and yet being womanly, she came under fire, for her remarks on the chastity of Tamizh Woman, an incident that is clearly forgettable.

Khushboo is one actress who's made a name for herself and has maintained it. I doubt if any actress in Tamilnadu will be able to reach the levels of Khushboo. no.. not Simran, not Jyothika... not even Trisha, Asin or Nayanthara. Khushboo is miles ahead of them.

P.S:- Wanted to post something on Khushboo for a long long time.. :) :D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 by Hari
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  1. Dedication to all kushboo and idli fans :


    Ref : http://jagawins.vox.com/library/post/kushboo-idli.html


    2 cup idli rice
    1tabsp javu arisi(nylon sagoo)
    5 to 8 vendhayam
    cooking soda 1 pinch


    marinate the idli rice, javu arisi,vendhayam.
    and grind them into fine paste as u grind for the normal idli ... and keep it aside for 24hrs.
    then next day u can use the batter as it is ready to cook.while putting the idli to cook add a pinch of cooking soda and mix it well keep it for ten mins .apply oil slightly to the idly plate and now u can pore the batter into the idli plates let it cook as regular idlis.and then serve it hot with coconut chutney and sambar ... try and see they r yummy but let the batter b soft and watery it will b really good and soft ....

  2. Raghav, Oru nalla blog a ipdi cook-book mathiri maathiteengale... Ithu nyayama ?? :) :D

  3. chutney panna mudialena, milaga podi best partner for idli.

  4. Good one..! Enjoyed with laughs...LoL.. :)

  5. @tejaswie - Thanks Senior.. !!! :)

  6. am not particularly a Khushboo fan, but i enjoyed reading your post. my only 'khushboo' memory is her first hindi movie a long time back where she played aamir khan's sister (i may be wrong about this) who gets raped and killed (an obvious end, most sisters in hindi movies meet).

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