Of Anchors and Sarees ....

I know this post of mine, can be quite controversial... Hence am expecting brickbats for this one.. :P

Well, was watching the Airtel Super Singer Junior, on Vijay TV. The anchor caught my eye in double quick time. She was not Malini Yugendran, not DD, and of course, not Chinmayi, then ?
This was a new girl called Divya. But pray, what was her problem ?

But wait.. Before we begin to trash her .. Here is some information about her...

She's done her PG in Human Resources.. (That's a WoW for a singer..)
She's been learning Carnatic Music for 15 years with more than 14 Gurus.
Remember Dheem Thanakka Thillana from Villu...? She sung it. (BTW the Original Telugu Version, Om Namaste Bolo from Ready, (Telugu) is also sung by her, and I love it !!!!)

Well, from a TV host, I have high expectations... especially when the host is a female.. Pray, atleast, she should atleast be able to carry herself in a Saree.. (This is the first on my list. That an anchor should be comfortable, in what he/she is wearing). Unfortunately that was not the case.. She looked as if she wore a saree and then went on a Roller coaster ride, and was thrown off it... Sheesh.. That's such a Turn off...!!!

In some forum, elsewhere, someone's commented aptly..

"But her role as the host sucks. I think she should not come on stage after each performance and comment about it. She should simply sit somewhere and call the next kid. I hate to see her "catwalk" from the different sides of the stage."

Hence, requesting Divya, to kindly wear a saree properly...if not a saree, some other outfit, in which you are comfortable...
And her Tamizh ? She can definitely do better than that.. that accent is soooooo irritating..

Now coming to the more interesting part...
I was actually googling for Divya's Saree Style, and ended up researching on the various saree styles... :) :D

You can get more information about the Styles of Draping a Saree here.

P.S:- Watch out for my Post on Nari with Saree... :) :D

Thursday, December 3, 2009 by Hari
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