Of BarCodes and Artificial Intelligence..

Just now came across this website referenced by one of Anand's Friend.. Was spell bound by this.. :)

What you are seeing is my Name in Bar Code... :)

This was done by this site.

Just make sure, that you select Code 128 Format, and 'un'check the Human Readable Checkbox.

Well, You want to check whether the reverse is true or not .. ? Right ?? :P :) :D
Ah.. The Human mind.. !!!

Well.. I did that too..

Here is the site which 'decodes' the bar code into readable stuff.

Try it.. It works...

P.S:- If you in case find a large number of such Barcodes .. Please understand that they were cuss words.. :) :D ... Now Swearing takes a new Online Avtaar... :) :D

Friday, December 11, 2009 by Hari
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