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Been a long time since I've had some serious talking on religious matters. I got one bakra today, and here is how our conversation went... I was actually quite pleased to find someone very well versed with Mahabharata, as usually the folks are ignorant about many small facts about Mahabharata.

Here is the conversation..edited in parts... I think this suffices to be more than enough for a small wiki.. :)

Note :- My Gtalk status today was - Bheeshma speaks about how Amba loves him...

"Amba hates me and she loves me, after all these years, the two are hardly apart. Only the Passion remains. Love and Hate are different faces of the same obsession. Is it her hatred or her love that brings her inexorably to me. ?"

Read on..

X: wow good status

me: thanks.. :)

X: but initially too did she love him?

me: do u know that Amba finally kills him :)

X: she never loved him at all

me: of course she did

X: of course i know sikandi
dei bharatham theriyama yaravadu irupala?

me: intha mathiri neryaa peru irrukaanga
ok here is a question for you - who is the father of pandu and dhristashtra
X: actually in the bharatham i heard bheeshma will go to win the hands of kasi rajas daughter.. vyasar

me: hey.. :) Cool...

X: okay listen

me: i never expected u to answer it.. :) shoot

X: i also know the myth y dhirudhrashtrar is blind

We digress here for quite some time.. discussing some censored stuff...

X: anyways listen...
the version of story i heard is bheeshma will go to win brides for his brothers

me: yes

X: vichithraveryan and the other fellow
wat s his name

me: yeah correct

X: appo adu suyamvaram
and he will win three women

me: chitrangada... he is killed in war yeah...

X: but he will tell the raja i can take only two

me: u complete the story.. i will tell u the actual one

X: they r from my brothers
those two will choose ambalica and ambiga
dunno who chooses who though
amba will say u won me so u have to marry me
but he will say it is not possible because of my sabadam and so h will take him to kasi rajas palace
anga kasi raja will deny her entrance
i think he wont like bheeshmar
or some thing
and since he won her she can do watever she likes but no entry to palace
ava anda vasallaye agni mooti kudihiduva
where does love come in this story?
its a pure matter of revenge

me: finish ?

X: yes

me: listen...

chitrangada..will die without getting married..
and they will want some children for vichitraveeryan
so what will happen is that ... bheeshma will go for that swayamvar on behalf of his brother..
now amba ambica and ambalica are the three sisters..
amba is already in love with salva...

X: ahh yes
i forgot this

me: when people will make fun of bheeshma saying that he is coming to swyamvar even though he has taken a oath of brahmacharyam... he gets tensed up
he abducts all the three girls and takes them with him...

X: abducts??

me: salva gives him a good chase and fights with him like hell..

X: not win?

me: yes ..abducts..not win
but finally he succums to bheeshma..that time.. amba tells bheeshma that she loves salva and he should let her go with him..

X: i remember tis part
ahh yes

me: but what happens is that bheeshma tells her that he has won her by force and that too.. not for himself but for his brother.. since he is only doing it fro vichitra..
she must ask him..
so when they reach hastinapur and ask vichitra
he says .. a girl who already covets another man.is of no use to me..
so..he lets her..go..

X: ada pavi

me: amba runs back to salva..
salva says i cannot take you back..as i was clearly defeated as a man..fair and square in battle... by bheeshma.. hence i cannot accept you
she goes back to vichitra..
he says no..

X: ada pavi
ippo adanala enna

me: vichitra suggests go to bheeshma..

X: too bad

me: she begs bheeshma to make salva agree...
salva does not agree..

X: its god tht she kills bheeshma

me: finally she asks bheeshma to marry her...
she says..she liked his bravery.. his brahmacharyam.. his penance... his grace..

X: but naana irundrunda salva and vichita will also die

me: and feels that he is the right choice for her...

X: ayyo

me: but bheeshma says that he is bound by the oath of celibacy
she threatens him..

X: she really is screwed up

me: but to no avail..
she wants to fight with bheeshma..
ah.. listen...then what happens is that ... amba wants revenge right.
she goes to bhargava..ie parashurama.. bheeshma's guru...
and says she wants bheeshma to die..
because he refused to marry her..
parashurama knows that bheeshma is his shishya.. so he tries to advise him...
but then he refuses point blank..
this is then followed by a long and lenght fight involving all rare astras..for over 9 days.. (this portion is omitted in many books)
then finally the gods make bheeshma realise that bhargava is his guru and invincible..similarly bhargava realises that bheeshma has iccha mrityu and cannot be killed on battlefield..
finally parashurama also disappoints amba

X: ohhh

me: wait.. there is still more to come.. :)

X: of course bharatham is like a kadal
i love it

me: then what happens is that amba goes on a penance..

X: if we were to follow all the lessons learnt from it u would lead a happy peaceful and contented life

me: rudra appears and she asks for bheeshma's death...
rudra says that i cannot give..
he gives her a boon stating that she will be the root cause of bheeshma's death..and she will be born in Drupada's house...
she jumps into her pyre...
she gets born into Drupada's house..
rudra tells drupada that this will be a girl first.. then a man...
the girl that gets born is treated like a boy.. by making it wear all teh accessories that a man wears..
when she comes of age.. they want to get 'him' married off.. and get hiranyavarman;s daughter as bride...

X: draupadi anna peru enna?

me: dhristadyuman

X: okay

me: one who's borm out of fire..
to kill Drona.
ok.. lets continue..

X: yeah

me: this lady in man's clothers goes into forest.. and ecounters a yakshya.. who agrees to lend her his manhood and take her woman hood for a small period of time...

X: ohhh
i dunno all this
can u send me this version of bharatham?

me: actually this is not from just one version..
this accumulation from different sources.. :(

X: i felt so much at peace when i was reading rajagopalacharis book of bharatham
me: his version is good..

X: ohh okay
yes but it has gaps

me: but then u must read... Ramesh Menon's modern rendering..
it rocks..

X: send me the book if uve got it

me: semma semma book...
not available online.. :(
am reading it off from Google books..
limited preview..
whenever and how much ever pages are available..

X: ohh
i will try

me: and since bheeshma will not raise his bow against a woman in war..
pandavas use shikhandi as a screen to counter bheeshma...
and since as long as shikhandi is in front of bheeshma...
pandavas keep shooting arrows on bheeshma..and finally bring him down..
thus ends the story of amba .. :)
in this also.. there are many variations.. keeping it as simple as possible..

Been a long time since I actually shared some useful information with anybody.... :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 by Hari
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