Of Milestones and Annual Results... !!!!!

New Year in India.. :)

I have another 45 minutes to go.. here.. :)

Happy New Year to everybody who is reading this blog...

Hey in all this mele and excitement... I forgot something really important.. I've just crossed a milestone ... :)

250 posts... :)

My 200th post was about how I completed one year in Muscat. Today I am on the verge of completing another Year End for this Bank. It's a privilege or a curse, I don't know, but am leaving this place pretty soon, that I know. :) :D.. In a sense, it is indeed a milestone post for me...

Last Year End, I was going through a very tough phase, and I had had a really bad beginning to the End of the Year. I hope this year is going to be fine.

My blog also, has seen pretty good 'traffic' in the last few months.. I have not doctored any of the results.. Here are some blog - statistics...

What I can see is that My Weekly data clearly indicates that there has been more than 600% increase in the number of pageloads, and 250% increase in unique visitors and almost 2000% increase in returning visitors.. :)

QoQ - a whopping 600% increase in pageloads...

YoY - 200% increase...!!!

Been having visitors from all over the world !! And of course, I have my own fans of my series... Am seriously loving it..

Gosh does this sound like a financial statement...??? :) :D

But then, heck, what's wrong with showing off my own blog statistics.. :) :P

P.S:- As I said in my very first blog post Welcome to Euphoria !!!... It has been a wonderful journey. And i'm sure it'll continue to be.

Thursday, December 31, 2009 by Hari
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