Of Quizzes, Answers and Destiny ... Part 2

P.S:- Read Here 'Of Quizzes, Answers and Destiny - Part 1'

This is one interesting incident.

This happened in 1999. During my Ninth standard. I was a very good student in my student days and hence very soon I had become every teacher's pet. Now, that had ruffled a lot of feathers the wrong way, and a lot of people were baying for my blood. They were just waiting for an opportunity to blow me off. What happened was that there was a quiz competition organised by (the same) Dhanalakshmi Ma'm. This time (again) it was a Science Quiz.

This quiz was open to +11 and 9th standard. Probably the two most care-free batches in the whole school. As 9th standard, we were enjoying the freedom before our board exams and as for the +1, they were enjoying the freedom after the board exams. Hence it was, in some sorts, a battle of the equals. I don't exactly remember the four teams completely. But there were two +1 teams and two 9th standard teams. In the 9th standard team, there were M (Yes, the same M from my Previous Quizzes and Destiny Post) and S (No, this is not the S who knows M from the comments section.. :P .. This is an altogether different S..) and I was in the other team.

This was the last quiz that was to be organized for the academic year 1999-2000. Last quiz for me, in the sense that, once I entered tenth, I was not allowed/encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities. Hence this quiz was all the more important, as I wanted to end the year on a winning note.

The quiz started. I opened the score for the round by answering 'Capillary Action' as the phenomenon that lets a lamp burn at its wick. My confidence was running high. But so was at the other end. Soon the two 9th standard teams raced out the +1 teams. They were no-where near our scores. It was clearly beginning to be the battle of the year, that was so openly fought. Dhanalakshmi ma'm was clearly enjoying the whole show, as three of her best students were battling it out, for glory. What else could she ask for, as the quiz master. The quiz went on and on for 8rounds. Now I was beginning to get tensed up. I could also, see, where this quiz was heading. Probably for a photo finish. S and M were hell-bent to see me bite the dust, and I was resolute that I will not give them that pleasure.

We had come to the penultimate round. Scores levelled here again. I was beginning to panic. S and M were great Quizzers, without a doubt. On their day, any Tom-Dick and Hari, can be reduced to nothing. All this and more was running at the back of my mind, as my quiz partner was actually an ordinary guy with no interest in quizzing. He joined as my partner because I had requested him.

Final Round. Rapid Fire. Negative Scoring. Shit !!! This was beginning to get more and more edgy. I hate edgy quizzes, especially when victory and defeat are both, just an edge away. I sat down at the edge of my seat. We were the first to take the Rapid Fire. My palms were already sweaty. I am not afraid of quizzes. Just nervous to prove a point. Especially to M.

Questions started flowing. It was an 'answer-as-much-as-you-can-in-a-minute'. Butterflies were already flying around in my stomach. I think the pressure was getting to me. I was answering questions in a trance. Then it came.

'Where is the National Research Centre for Grapes ?'

Now in my mind, I always had this image that linked Grapes to Hyderabad.
So without a doubt, I said, 'Hyderabad'.

'I'm sorry. I cannot give it to you. You lose 5 points. Its...'

I couldn't listen to the actual answer. Due to the audience, that was clapping for my wrong answer and also because of the animated excitement that S and M displayed.

(Till, at the moment of writing this post, I have not bothered to check the answer for this question. The answer is, the National Research Centre for Grapes is in Pune.)

'With that we come to the end of your 60 seconds, Team C... It's now Team D.'
M and S had already figured out, how much they had to answer correctly and how careful they had to be, so as to not to give a wrong answer.

I lost that day's quiz.
The last official quiz of 1999.
The last quiz where M and S came together.

(Note that I said, I, not We.. For me, any quiz, that I participated was mine. It was my responsibility. It was my forte)

It was a landmark quiz in many ways. It showed me my place. It made me sit straight and have a look at what was going on. It made me realise the power of having a good partner. It also made me realise the power you can wield over your opponent, if you have a good partner.

But.. I did get back, in style. Wanna know more ?
Wait for my next post... :)

P.S:- I seriously appreciate M and S for that day's quiz. It was a great work by them. If I can remember the questions in a quiz that happened 10 years back, I am sure you can imagine, what sort of impact these two might have created on me, as well as the audience. Kudos to the be-spectacled gentleman and the Little Master.

Sunday, December 13, 2009 by Hari
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  1. watch who u r calling a little master... i think kulla master wud be more apprppriate if u r going to mention his height :) he he he

  2. @Anon.. Come on.. Give him his dude... He is good at what he does.. He can take me apart, if it is his day.. So, leave him out of your sarcasm... :)

    Take a chill pill...
    Let my grudges be mine... :) :D

  3. "On their day, any Tom-Dick and Hari, can be reduced to nothing." - :) :)

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