Of Stadiums and Step-Motherly Treatment

I am actually impressed with the way, the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA - formerly BCA) has lobbied for the matches with SriLanka. I am also impressed with the fact that the BCCI cannot see there are world-class stadiums South of Mumbai also..

MA Chidambaram Stadium (Chennai), Chinnaswamy Stadium (Bangalore) and Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Kochi) are perhaps the only three stadiums south of Hyderabad, that can handle International Matches. Of course, there are no other stadiums in the region. For perhaps the four most cricket frenzied states in the country, this is a treatment that we deserve. So BCCI thinks that only Maharashtrian and North Indian crowds deserve to see their country playing against other countries.
"Of course, how can you, a Madrasi, dare ask us for a match to be conducted in your area..?? Enga Area Ulla Varatha... "

Just imagine this folks, Maharashtra has four cricket stadiums.. Mumbai alone three. Brabourne, DY Patil, Wankhede. Nagpur has one - Vidharba Cricket Association Ground. Even Andhra has four, Hyderabad itself has 3 stadiums. Why this stepmotherly treatment to other states? No.. I don't agree to the fact that the State Government has to take the initiative in this. Until the BCCI convinces the State that they require a stadium in the state, the state will be lethargic. So it is simply a vicious circle. Its a pity that the richest Cricketing body in the world cannot even 'afford' to build another stadium in South India.
"How dare you make that statement ?. What do you Madrasis know about Cricket ? Do you know what will happen to Indian Cricket, if we let you Madrasis into it. Enna da Rascala.. Mind it !!!"

Well, what is irritating me right now, is that of the entire series being played with Sri Lanka not a single match is being played in Banglore, Chennai or Kochi ... WTF ? Nobody noticed it ?? And the best part is they now say that newer stadiums have to be given a chance.. I agree, but why hold three of the total 9 matches in Maharashtra. Are you afraid that the Shiv Sena will call you an outsider if you organise a match outside without having played in all the stadiums in the state?

I am sure, that every cricket lover in the nation knows what sort of crowd watches cricket at Chepauk. The level of cricketing knowledge is high and the crowd just enjoys cricket. Not just Sachin's Century, but also Saeed Anwar's 194. I will not forget the "standing ovation to the Pakistan cricket team in January 1999 after victory in a very closely fought test match. A truly overwhelmed Pakistani team even made a lap of honour in appreciation of the spectators' sporting behaviour."
I heard Javed Miandad wrote a column "Salaam Chennai" praising the crowd of its sportive behavior. The stadium has also seen the second tied test in Cricket History.

So for the fit-for-nothings sitting in BCCI, warming the seats and their coffers, Jaago Re... Isse behtar chullu bhar paani main doob maro..

That'a a Madrasi talking to you...

P.S: I am a cricket loving Madrasi and am God Damn Proud of it... !!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009 by Hari
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