The One with No Title...

No.. !! Don't be surprised.. This post does not have a title.. :P

Wanted a change.. :)

Watched this movie called Walk the Line... Mindblowing Music. Listening to it as I am typing this out... Almost all tracks stand out... The story is about a wannabe musician making it big, but in the process, it costs him his personal life. Amazing acting by Aquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. I really recommend it.. Take it from me, a person, who does not like listening to English Songs.

The next post on Avatar, is being drafted, in my head. It's all filling up.. so please be patient for some more time.

Did you get a chance to look at this website called Pomegranate ?

Don't forget to check out the video on their website... :) Amazing.. :) Apart from the normal phone features such as phone,email, video, full internet browsing, built in camera, mp3 player, GPS Navigation, It also contains features like
an inbuilt projector,which can project onto a screen 70 inches wide.. !!!
an electric Shaver.. Yes.. !! You read it right.. Electric Shaver..!!!
a Coffee Stirrer. You drop in the sachet. Suck in Hot water and viola, there's your coffee for you.. Hot !!!
There is,also this Harmonica. Yes.. !! :) :) It's a Harmonica.
And of course, the best part is, it comes with the global voice translator. You can translate your voice into any language in the world.. (well.. I guess, it can't be any.. But it is worth a try..:) )

Well, if you thought, all of this is true and nice.. :)
Wait... It's a fake phone.. :) ....

You can find more information on the wiki page, here.

But here are the credits..

The campaign was produced by Bristol Group, Egg Films/Hatch, and Breathe Media.

* Art Director: Dan Couto
* Copy writer/creative director: Albert Ianni
* Production Manager: Collette Snow
* Designers: Andrew Grantham, Michael Gatto
* Internal Programmer: Melissa Castle
* External programmers/designers: Breathe Media
* Production/Post: Egg Films/Hatch Post
* Actors/Models: Christopher Killam, Lita Lewellen, John Beale, Laura Bleasdale, Andrea Wilson, Pasha, and others

Well, it looks like it was an advertisement for Nova Scotia, for people to come and invest there.. :)

Great work there... :)

P.S:- This came to me by mail. Frankly if you've already seen this, ignore it.. But this is a fantastic example of viral marketing... :)

P.P.S:- I know, there are way too many smileys in my posts there days...

P.P.P.S:- But, What to do.. I can't stop smiling...

Friday, December 18, 2009 by Hari
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