Rocket Singh - Meets Expectations..

Back after watching Rocket Singh at Star Cinema.

Storyline is straight and simple. Harpreet is a wannabe Salesman and decides to join AYS computer assembly company. But a rash act,earns him the wrath of his superiors and he is stripped off his sales orders and refrained from making direct calls to his clients. As the situation worsens, he gets an opportunity all of a sudden, to make a personal sales call. And things pick up from there. He, with his colleague Giri, decide to make this a side business just to give AYS a run for their money. The decide to call it the Rocket Sales Corporation. Slowly the team expands, and 3 more internal employees of AYS join RSC. Whether the seniors come to know of this, How his company is countered, Whether Harpreet is stripped off his job, What happens to his existing customers, etc is the rest of the story.

The story is on expected lines. Nothing more was expected. The screenplay was good. First half was quite good. Second half was,according to me, overstretched by atleast 20 minutes. If things were kept more crispier in second half, it would have been more entertaining. Also, things were slightly more serious in the second half, which could have been done away with.

Excellent acting as the self-respecting Salesman - Harpreet. But I loved Giri's part. Played by Santosh. First as the nasty manager of Harpreet and then as the willing-to-work partner in RSC. Great skills. He looks nasty for the role. Right choice there.. (though he reminds me of Raghu of Roadies..). Hey !! Shazahn Padamsee looks cute. Though she hardly had a role in the movie..

Overall, the movie is good, and worth a watch, provided you don't mind a lengthy climax.

Saturday, December 12, 2009 by Hari
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