Sherlock Holmes - Riveting...

Great movie. Riveting to say the least.

The language was kind of difficult to understand, mainly due to the lower volumes. Cheeky and subtle English humor. Excellent screenplay. RD Jr. as Sherlock Holmes rocks... But Jude Law as Watson steals the thunder. He doesn't look like a side-kick at all.. :) :D

Good innovative story... Great screenplay... They could have shown Sherlock Holmes slightly more younger. It could definitely have been possible... Great costumes and settings. The Tower Bridge (No.. It's not the London Bridge.. :) :D as is commonly misunderstood..) in its starting stages.. A Great Setting there.. !!!

Climax was great.. Waiting for the 'Case to be Re-opened with Prof. Moriarty'. :) :D

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 by Hari
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