Single in the city...and Lovin' it.. !!!

Muscat Daily keeps up the promise.. :) :D

Boy Oh Boy !! Am on cloud 9...
!!! Yippie.. !!!!

I had previously blogged about A Slice of Pakistan, and had mentioned that I had sent this article to Muscat Daily. I had also mentioned that the Muscat Daily folks had promised me a column - 'Single in the City' in my Brangelina Post, when my first movie review came.
Well, looks like they put it out for print today. I was not aware of it, until one of my colleagues told me, that my photo had come in the paper.. and guess what ? It came in the main paper itself, not in the Supplements section.. :) :D

Click here if you want to see a hi-res scan.
See below for the actual article...

Once again, many thanks to the Managing Editor - Mohana Prabhakar and her colleagues for having deciding to publish this. Thanks a lot - Once again.

P.S:- So now am officially a Columnist for Muscat Daily.. what else can I ask for ??
:) :D

Sunday, December 13, 2009 by Hari
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  1. Keep going buddy! :)

  2. @Shiva :- Thanks Buddy... :)

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