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Well, this is a recollection of a very painful incident that happened last year, the same day.... 22nd and 23rd December 2008. These are two days that I will never ever forget all my life.

What happened last year was on 22nd December, due to a goof-up of mine, the EOD (End of Day) was run twice in the Production Environment (Live!!!). So the system date had moved ahead one more day. So on 23rd morning, system date was 24 !!! What followed next, was perhaps the most bitter experience of my life, and it is something that I shall never ever forget, all my life.

It took us a full 24 hours to restore the system back to original state, and that too, after many hiccups. There were folks who spoke of my incompetence, some of the carelessness, and some of, sending me back. When this whole incident happened, actually It was like working under a trance. I knew what I had done. I knew the impact, and using the best of our abilities, We brought up the system once again. It was a very painful incident for me in many ways.

It taught me the villainies of people. What you see is not what you get.
Folks who smile and appear to help you, can actually screw you big time. No matter what happens, never let it all go. Irony was that, 22nd december was the second day of my taking over Live Support, and this had to happen. The first call/ticket that I raised after coming to onsite was a Severity 1 call..!!!

Ah.. The Irony..

P.S:- No one escapes their Past. No one escapes Judgement....
Today, of course, is an altogether different picture. The client doesn't want me to go at all. They are quite comfortable,with me. I have completed my handover and am now doing only the utmost necessary work. They even offered me a post in the Bank, that I've 'respectfully' declined. This is what I call a turnaround of fortunes. I pray that nothing goes wrong.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 by Hari
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