Weekend Flies By...(2)

Well, this weekend just flew for me..

Thursday Evening - 3 Idiots...

Friday Morning - Got up late... Did some reading (Blind Faith). Then decided to watch some movies. Watched Defiance. Mindblowing... I am a fan of Daniel Craig, and he just proved why he deserves a fan like me.. :P. I thought Schindler's List was a good movie. This one is truly in defiance.
Then did some more reading...(Again Blind Faith)

Saturday Morning, had an appointment to coach a colleague's daughter in Computer Science... Did that. Returned by evening. Then watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Behind Enemy Lines - Colombia. FSH was very slow.. It was kind of romantic and funny, but, it could have been made more pacier...BEL was a typical Navy Seal movie. Racy and Fast, though kind of incredible.

Then spent the rest of the evening reading Orhan Pamuk's latest book 'A Museum of Innocence'. Very interesting read. I was hooked to it, because of the blurb, and now I am not able to let go of it. :) :D. I've just started, but am planning to finish the book by this week. Let's see.. That's a pretty long deadline... Hmmm.. Let's see...

Sunday, December 27, 2009 by Hari
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