Diamonds ??? My Foot...!!!!

I guess, I now have a world record to my credit now.... I have read a book in less than 9 minutes... Yes.. !! It's a BOOK .. and not some pamphlet... Well, This Book is about 120 odd pages of Discovering and mastering 9 Powerful Principles that can change your life... It IS a record, because the author challenges that one can finish the book in less than 59 minutes... !!!

For a start, the 9 Principles are

Positive Energy

Bored ?? Already... ?? I've just started ...

The First 15 pages of this 'already-beginning-to-lose-respect' book is all about self praise by the author... How many universities are proud to have him, and how close he is to Shahrukh and Amitabh that they have written forewords for him, and how he is the face of New, Young India...

Then, starts the Bullshit... My words may seem strong... But, trust me, they are not superficial... They come from the bottom of my heart, for an expectation gone wrong/unsatisfied can be the most bitter experience in one's life...

Oh ! How disillusioned I was with the first words... 'Yes.. You are a diamond'
Then the author eulogises about how everyone is a diamond, and how everybody needs to be cut and polished in order to shine like a diamond, then he starts off with examples... To be frank, these examples can be found from any children's magazine... I guess, the author's choice was Wisdom. (The monthly G.K Magazine for Children)

The rest of the book is nothing but examples and lives of great people condensed and abridged. Sadly most of these are stories and anecdotes that we already know... I definitely expected better ... And the font ? What's with the author's understanding of his readers ? Does he think we are all folks with poor eyesight, to have his book printed, akin to a 5th grader's textbook ? Was it his PR's suggestion to increase the number of pages or his own indignant display of authority that the 'author-knows-best' ...

ShahRukh Khan may have spent 59 minutes in reading this book... It's not worth even 2.. Maggi is better... Have a cuppa Maggi and enjoy your weekends...and don't bother about this book....

P.S:- The Author is Arindam Chaudhuri. The book is titled 'Discover the Diamond in You'

P.P.S:- The cartoons in the book, make you think, if the author was really sane. I, for that matter, would never have allowed such callous cartoons on my book, anyday... NEVER !!!!

P.P.P.S:- The author quotes as trivia, that the whole book was texted down as SMS and that he virtually runs his organisation on SMS... I found the fact a joke because, here was someone who claimed he doesn't use e-mail. That's fine. It depends on one's own competencies too... But texting the whole book meant only one thing to me... The man's damn lazy ... !!!! All that is fine, but pray, doesn't he have a notepad on his laptop where he can actually type down his thoughts... ?

P.P.P.P.S:- I think that IIPM is badly in need of either good and free publicity and students or money... or both... Otherwise.. No editor, in his sane mind, would have actually released this book...!!!!

P.P.P.P.P.S:- NOM ..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 by Hari
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  1. I have wet my pants laughing at the categories! :)
    I haven't yet read Discover The Diamond in You, but I promise I won't approach a copy of that book with a fifteen-foot pole. :)

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