Going to watch Vettaikaran ??? - Aaaal Izz Well...

Hey, don't go by the title...

It actually means, if you are going to watch Vettaikaran - then keep saying Aaaal izzzz Welll... because you need to be courageous enough to sit for the 2 and half odd hours of the movie. The story is crappy, and is already available all over the Internet.. Too much hype... :)

Anoushka looks fantabulous... Great Curves.. Great dance... Great Expressions.. Vijay surprises me... I've never seen him cry properly on-screen ... He does a good job this time... Apart from this, some good songs by Vijay Antony.. I admit that, I had trashed its songs a month ago... Athu pona maasam.. ithu intha maasam.. :) :P

Lack of comedy track is not felt... Sometimes I felt as if it was a full-length comedy feature film... Too many killings.. and stereotyping of rowdyism in Chennai... Arey Baba, Chennai is a very peaceful city... Why unnecessary bring in this kind of culture... ??

Bottomline :- Vijay needs to carefully select his movies in future...

P.S:- This supposedly good review is due to the fact that this has kind of rebuilt the image that I had of Vijay after Villu... :P

P.P.S:- To Vijay - If you are having hip pain, please do not ride horses.. It is very heart wrenching to see you holding your hip and riding the horse... :P

Saturday, January 2, 2010 by Hari
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