Never Felt Better !!!!

I was in Muscat for 14 months. For 14 months it was like a exile. I struggled. I kicked. I was bloody disgusted. With my job and the attitude towards work at the place where I worked.

For 14 months, I toiled and I felt, I did not get the recognition that I actually deserved.

The picture back home is a stark contrast. To be very frank, I felt that I actually deserved to be back. I came back and the very next day, my manager was ready to get me back to his team and assign me work. Not only that, I was being asked my opinion on a number of things. I was already being discussed as an 'anchor' of many initiatives. Frankly speaking..oru semma image boost. I just wish, they had treated me like this in the previous team...maybe I would have performed better.

Bottomline :- The satisfaction that I could not get out of 520 odd days of working at a client site, I got it, by just working for 4 days in 'MY' team !!!! I fixed close to 100 issues in 4 days, and trust me, when I say this, I've never felt better, atleast at work !!!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010 by Hari
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