Of Quizzes, Answers and Destiny ... Part 4

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Requests from many quarters have been pouring in, for the next part of 'Of Quizzes, Answers and Destiny'. It has been more than a month since I had posted anything related to this, and I was, feeling quite guilty (actually lazy) about it..

Well Well, There is excitement in this post from the beginning, because, things were happening around me at that time. As soon as the science quiz was over, We all got up from our seats and were asked to get back to the places where our respective classmates were sitting, because the teachers wanted to adjust the chairs and tables for the next quiz.

The next quiz was a House Quiz, not a Science Quiz. Hence more prestigious. Even Dhanalakshmi Ma'm and Revathi Ma'm were at loggerheads at this. M (yes, the same M from the first post) and S (No.. Not the S who knew M but the S from the previous post.. :P) Each teacher wanted his/her team to win. Hence it was more of a cut-throat battle between the teachers, which we as kids loved to watch.

Just then, another Chemistry Ma'm came and spoke to Revathi Ma'm in hushed tones. Revathi Ma'm understood and nodded her head, and she called out to me.

'Hari. You wait here' and she pointed out to a corner on the podium like portico in the main school building. I was made to stand there for about 5 minutes, when suddenly K also joined me. I looked at him, and he looked back at me. We both started laughing. Maybe this was destined. Surprisingly the other three teams contained the same guys, who had participated in the previous quiz. Now that was really surprising. I think it was all pre-planned. M and S were already bloody pissed off at the debacle in Science Quiz. they had to salvage some pride from the House Quiz atleast.

Ironically I don't remember much of the House quiz. The only thing I remember very clearly that S and I were leaders of the pack and the other two teams (M and V's) were routed out very soon. Soon, S's team and mine, were going neck to neck on this. S was clearly looking at an easy win on this one. I would like to ctrl-v here what I posted in my previous post. It looked like as if the entire universe was plotting against me. Every easy question that S answered, it looked to me, as if it was pre-planned. The ease with which he answered the questions also made it look, as if that was the case, but in reality, when I look back now, it was just envy/jealousy, at the fact that, here was someone, of equal calibre or perhaps greater, vying for the same honors.

The question which actually changed this quiz was the one, right at the end of the quiz. It was the same type of question. Last one, With negative points for a wrong answer.

The question here was again, for which, I didn't have a single answer. It was either this or thi, but which one .. no.. I had no idea. I had to take the other team's 'help' in this. If they answered it wrong, I had it. Else, I had to make the kill. Arjuna was about to have his day.

I still remember the scene vividly, where K was clutching the sleeve of my shirt, and I was looking tensed across the makeshift stage, looking at both Dhanalakshmi Ma'm and S at the same time. There seemed to be a sinister smile on Dhanalakshmi ma'm face, which of course, was the figment of my overgrown imagination.

A voice said over the microphone :

'Which was/is India's Equatorial Rocket Launching Station ?'

The moment this question was asked, my two options, both equally tempting, flashed across my mind. I was once again, Arjuna, caught between the dharma of killing his enemies and the dharma of killing his own relatives. I know, it sounds strange and totally weird to see somebody comparing himself to Arjuna, but somehow, it is the one character, with which I could relate to, even 10 years back....

'Team B. Its your question.'

There was a flutter of indecisiveness in S's face, perhaps for the second time, in his life, and for the second time in the same day, perhaps within the gap of a couple of hours.

I heard a voice say, 'Sriharikota'

'Sorry Team B. It is the wrong answer.' Dhanalakshmi Ma'm was terribly disappointed, as her voice gave away the hope she had pinned on S.

'Team D, its your chance to win this quiz.'


'Yes... That's right. Team D has won this quiz. Haricharan, K and M(not THE M) , but another girl) have won this quiz.'

The disappointment was writ large on S and especially M's face. M had thought, that S would redeem some honor that day, but then, Arjuna did not lose to Jayadratha, on the fateful day.

Destiny shall continue....

P.S:- If you thought, that I had vanquished the ghosts of my Past with this quiz, you are mistaken.

P.P.S:- That one spark of jealousy, burnt many a house, in both our lives and in many others associated with it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010 by Hari
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