Welcome Aboard..!!!

Ah... My sister and my Brother in Law are finally into the blogosphere. Phew.. Took me quite some time to convince them to join the bloggers craze, but finally they did it. Actually, I still believe, they did not do it for my sake. I guess they have been impressed with my site statistics and reviews and all the attention it has been getting.

My Sis's Blog

Ah.. She had a very funny name initially, somethink like Amulya and all. I thought, it was some marketing website for some milk based product, until I saw the profile.!!! :)

She's recently had a change of heart and a blog-makeover and so , I was worried if the blog name would read something like 'Milkmaid writes' or 'Cerelac Stories', or even worse 'Farex Tales'... Thank God.. Nothing untoward has happened. You can read the blog here. She's quite a good writer, I must confess, but I guess, inspiration can really make a mountain out of a rat .. isn't it ?? And especially when someone like me is your predecessor. :P

Partha's Blog

Good start there. He ended the first post on a suspense thriller range. Eagerly awaiting his second post.!!!

I guess both of you have learnt a lot of things from me, about blogging and the blogsphere. I hope you folks give my due credit.. :P .. And I must mention here, that both of you are quick learners... :)

And of course, any further image makeovers, pleas give it to me... :) :D
Of course, You will have to pay for it.. :P

P.P.S:- No azhuguni aatam by constantly refreshing the page, to increase the number of page loads.. OK .. :P

Friday, January 22, 2010 by Hari
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